6 Best Event Planning Tools For Event Managers & Planners

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It could be a music festival resplendent with alternative artists, or a conference on how your company needs to expand its offering. Either way, organising any event can be a daunting task, with numerous plates to keep spinning, which is where event planning tools can really make a difference.

At Eventcube we are of course incredibly proud of our own products, from the white label ticketing platform we can offer clients, to the options we have created for virtual events in response to the greatest crisis our sector has ever faced.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t want to recommend some other products and services we’ve encountered during our years working within events organisation, not to mention our own use of planning software in the office. From platforms that let you supervise and analyse social media communities, to productivity programmes and organisers, here are Eventcube’s top 6 best event planning tools that will enhance your events by making preparation, communication and inspiration a far easier, more innovative and user-friendly experience.

Our top 6 best event planning tools are:

  1. Monday.com
  2. Evernote
  3. Member Solutions
  4. Guru
  5. Cvent
  6. Everwall

1. Monday.com


We aren’t the only amazing business that absolutely loves Monday, which might as well be shorthand for Best Project and Team Management System Out There. Across the world brands like BBC Studios, Universal, Adobe and L’Oreal Paris have jumped on this one and for very good reasons.

Fully manage remote workers, roll out marketing campaigns, centralise IT systems and transform sales. You can also choose to integrate countless other tools to create an incredibly versatile system tailored to your specific organisational needs. Meanwhile, a powerful app marketplace ensures you'll never miss another great piece of management software again.

2. Evernote


Finally laying the Filofax to rest, Evernote is a place to keep all those things you really need to make a note of without resorting to decorating the office in wall-to-wall Post-Its or having digital documents strewn across several applications. Free accounts are missing a couple of functions from the paid version, but we assure you both a monthly subscription and the effort of getting started are well worth it.

You can save anything you can think of for posterity or research purposes, and we really do mean anything. Photographs, PDFs and other documents, voice memos, even drawings can be stored and filed for reference, effectively making Evernote a bespoke library of content that you can quickly search and reference from the comfort of your own smartphone. The point being you’ll never misplace a great idea again.

3. Member Solutions

download (1).png

Very few people relish paperwork, but having to draft and finalise that paperwork is even less appealing. Enter Member Solutions stage right, a great take on the event planning tools idea that has a heavy focus on the small print, potentially freeing up a significant amount of time for organisers, especially those who lack legal and ethical expertise.

The key here is an event registration feature that gives you a library of templates for things like signup forms and liability waivers. You just need to select the appropriate spec for your needs to produce tight documents that protect guests and hosts alike. There is also an email marketing option that lets you quickly build and run databases for newsletters, which is obviously a massive help with audience awareness.

4. Guru


At the time of writing the events industry remains largely online as ongoing restrictions resulting from a global pandemic continue to render gatherings of most kinds illegal in most parts of the world. Thankfully, this will not last forever, and as we all know once business can exist in the real world again there's going to be a big uptake in the use of contract workers. Here’s a great event planning tool that takes the sting out of fresh hires.

Guru allows you to create a body of training and knowledge guides, which are then available to everyone in the company for more efficient and convenient up-skilling and on-boarding. As you would expect in the year 2020, there’s no limit to what you can include in the guides content-wise, but things get really impressive when you start using web browser extensions and third-party app integration, effectively automating many collaborative functions.

5. Cvent


Engagement was well in the running for buzzword of the century not so long ago, but despite that hype the fundamental idea actually holds up — brands need to harness the power of community to truly make an impact either in the real world or online, and the best way to do this is starting conversations with the audience, and encouraging even more between the audience themselves.

Cvent proudly brandishes engagement creds on its website, but the community thing goes much further. There’s a huge event marketing side to the product, and engagement tools to try and manage audiences online, however we’re just as happy to hear the company’s ethos — streamlining every guest experience — also applies to the real world. Think high speed, touchless pass and badge systems, for example. The venue exchange, which is essentially a massive database of spaces and sites, isn’t bad either.

6. Everwall


Social media display walls are nothing new, and while there’s an argument this type of event design can prove distracting and perhaps isn't ideal for all types of presentations, they can add a real sense of occasion, boost inclusion and maximise reach. Everwall is an impressively simple solution for a live multi-channel social ticker, and was first to arrive on a market it has now been leading for well over a decade, with lightning fast publishing tools among its trophy pieces.

What’s more, Everwall comes with a vast number of advertising, customisation and moderation options that can create new monetisation opportunities, and offer you overall peace of mind. There are also some really solid analytics tools that come built in, too, and as we all know without diving into social analytics you’re never going to realise the true the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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