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An online modular system built to support communication, development and growth. Our virtual conferencing platform is designed to enable and inspire attendees through live chat rooms, real time video conferencing, interactive media, streaming and networking initiatives. Invite guests, sell tickets and drive conversation online through virtual conferencing software built to encourage attendee connectivity and engagement.

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Host your own white label virtual conference hub and sell tickets online with ease

Sell conference tickets direct to businesses with group attendance incentives. Reach a wider global market, take your conference online and maximise participation worldwide through unique interconnective tooling, live chat, discussion forums and more. Maximise attendance and broaden market opportunities via the online conferencing portal designed to connect participants and businesses in real time.


Expand your audience globally with a suite of virtual conferencing tools

Global connectivity from the comfort of your office or home. Eventcube’s virtual conferencing system allows for agile management of your conference or event via a unique administrative platform. Built with adaptability and practicality in mind, the system facilitates real time conversations, custom branded chat rooms, online marketing initiatives, video streaming, playback and multi participant video conferencing.


Take interaction to the next level with virtual conference rooms, live q&a and virtual panels

Drive interactive participation through online panels, q&a sessions, virtual chat rooms, discussion boards and more. Organise meetings and map your agenda. Join discussion groups and attend key speeches relevant to your business interests via the streaming portal. Talk directly with fellow attendees via video call or messenger functionality, build new relationships in conference rooms and attend webinars online.


Create a branded virtual trade show or fair, include sponsors and promote content

Entice sponsors via custom branded chat rooms, host online advertising and offer unique web design and experience opportunities to prospective event partners. Upsell marketing initiatives and promote sponsored content and product demonstrations via live streams, video playback and more. Showcase your event and business identity through a fully customisable web portal designed to make an impression and instill brand awareness.

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