On Demand

Create a bespoke Video on Demand portal

Use Eventcube to quickly produce a rich, interactive VOD portal for your customers. With support for full HD videos and integrations with YouTube, Vimeo and more - you can easily create a ticketed video content portal for your customers.

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Your very own pay-per-view platform

The perfect solution for selling video content, with secure access and low ticket fees. Eventcube creates a seamless experience for attendees with one-click access and advanced security features to prevent video links being shared.

Use SecureSeat to allow access to only paying customers
A seamless checkout experience for your attendees
Protect your customer data and ensure privacy of your audience

Monetise your video content

Perfect for online classes, workshops and conferences, record your live stream and re-sell it to maximise revenue with Eventcube On Demand.

Take control with a fully branded experience
Time-limit view time to block content sharing
Cross-sell videos by creating bundles
A scalable platform

An ever-growing, ever-evolving list of features

Eventcube is an expansive platform continuously evolving and adapting to both the needs of customers and the virtual events market. Our features are both competitive and flexible, a scalable system designed to meet the needs of events providers and organisers.

content management
  • Pay-Per-View Portal
  • Bespoke Video-On-Demand platform
  • Easily sell video content
  • Fully branded / white label
  • Branded email communications
Platform features
  • All 100% browser based
  • Integrates with all major video platforms including YouTube and Vimeo
  • Full HD video playback for all devices
  • 4K video support
  • Sponsor units
  • Custom embed content
Audience features
  • Video bundles
  • One click viewing & purchasing

Included in every Virtual Events package

HD Video Streaming & Playback

Compatible with all major video platforms.

Branded at every virtual touchpoint

Fully white label with limitless creative opportunities and bespoke customization.

Comprehensive registration & ticketing

Paid or free registration for any virtual event hosted via Eventcube platform.

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