A fully branded portal, your event's own social network

A social virtual event space designed for communication, video conferencing and multi room experiences. Encourage user interactivity and participation with break out rooms, keynote presentations and live Q&A.Ideal for conferences, trade shows and panel discussions - Eventcube Venue allows you to host multiple stages and fully customise the experience, just like a real-world event.

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Fully featured virtual venue with streaming, video networking, meeting rooms, live chat and more


An all in one platform that starts with secure ticketing and registration

The perfect solution for ticketed live streams, with secure access and low ticket fees. Eventcube Venue creates a seamless experience for attendees with one-click access and advanced security features to prevent stream links being shared.

Safeguard your event, tickets can only be used on one device with SecureSeat 
A seamless checkout experience for your attendees
Protect your customer data and ensure privacy of your audience

Just like choosing an event venue in real life.

Create your own venue with a fully modular platform. You decide what you need in your virtual space with multiple stages, networking rooms and activity spaces.

A fully branded experience to deliver high quality HD streams
Host multiple stages like a real world event
Elevate the social aspect with breakout networking rooms
Create interaction with watch party activity rooms
Generate revenue with dedicated sponsor areas & units

A social virtual event space designed for communication

Our social tools are designed to boost engagement between attendees and allow your global audience to connect in multiple ways.

Direct 1-2-1 messaging, just like a social network
Private and public meeting rooms with video conferencing
Connecting attendees with LinkedIn integration
Harness user-generated content with a live social wall
in-depth analytics

Get to know your audience and make smarter decisions

Visualise customer behaviours and engagement trends
Drive sales with real-time reporting
Bespoke analytics
A scalable platform

An ever-growing, ever-evolving list of features

Eventcube is an expansive platform continuously evolving and adapting to both the needs of customers and the virtual events market. Our features are both competitive and flexible, a scalable system designed to meet the needs of events providers and organisers.

event management
  • Secure seat ticketing
  • Secure seat registration
  • Self service or fully managed
  • Fully branded / white label
  • Branded email communications
  • Countdown holding page
  • Indepth reporting & analytics
  • Data privacy
Platform features
  • All 100% browser based
  • On the day maintenance and technical service support
  • Customer support
  • Full HD live streaming for all devices
  • Social Feed
  • Sponsor units
  • Schedule and Agendas
  • Multiple streaming rooms
Audience features
  • Live public chat room
  • Live polling
  • Live Q&A
  • Live photo upload
  • Networking Rooms: Video conference
  • Networking Rooms: Chat room
  • Pre-assigned networking rooms
  • 1-to-1 private messaging
  • LinkedIn Integration

As part of all of our Virtual Events...

HD Video Streaming & Playback

Compatible with all major video platforms.

Branded at every virtual touchpoint

Fully white label with limitless creative opportunities and bespoke customisation.

Comprehensive registration & ticketing

Paid or free registration for any virtual event hosted via Eventcube platform.

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