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Take your virtual event production values up a notch

Our in-house London based studio can produce high quality virtual events.
Mixing in live webcam feeds, pre-recorded video, powerpoint decks and more with transitions to create a highly engaging live stream events.

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Meet the live stream experts

Our team of experienced event producers know what it takes to deliver a high quality, engaging live stream production.

We will work with you from concept through to delivery to produce an on-brand, beautifully produced stream that your attendees will remember. We work with a huge range of clients and budgets to make the most out of your live stream event.


Each event is unique, so your live stream should be too.

We work closely with you to produce high quality live streams for your event to use across our platform. From video and graphic designers to producers and direction - our team is equipped to facilitate and enhance the delivery of virtual conferences, live performances and digital media online.

Live discussion panels with support for up to 8 webcam feeds
Mix in PowerPoint decks and pre-recorded video to create a seamless production
Your brand, logo, colours and fonts

The accessibility experts, making virtual events inclusive for all

We believe live streams should be accessible for everyone. Through captioning and sign language, Eventcube are experts in accessibility and lead the way on accessible live streams.

Real-time text captioning
Sign language overlays and interpreters

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