Elevate your club experience with white label membership management

Our software simplifies the handling of seasonal or ongoing membership management—member passes, registrations, recurring payments, ticket sales, and more. Your members will gain exclusive access to an online portal where they can effortlessly manage all aspects of their membership.

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Give your members something to shout about

Built with functionality and flexibility in mind, Eventcube comes equipped with a broad spectrum of features. These can help take your club to the next level, driving sales, enhancing promotion, and keeping your ideal members engaged.

Everything you need to create an engaging experience for your members
Create a portal for members to manage their account
Integrate ticketed events into your membership offerings

Craft personalized membership plans with our comprehensive tools

Manage monthly and annual payments via direct debit. Create season passes, coordinate renewals, and maintain recurring revenue through comprehensive payment plans and easy-to-use administration software.

Fully customizable tiers, prices, & plans
Build recurring revenue with comprehensive payment options
Retain income with automatic direct debit & annual subscriptions

Host exclusive events and sell members only tickets

Create your own venue with a fully modular platform. You decide what you need in your virtual space with multiple stages, networking rooms, and activity spaces.

All-inclusive member-only content and benefits
Offer exclusive tickets or discounts to members
Host private, member-only events

A fully connected events platform

Eventcube is a modular-based platform that works alongside the tools you're already using. Through seamless integration with world-leading software, we improve your productivity and streamline your workload by reducing repetitive tasks.
A scalable platform

An ever-evolving array of useful features

Eventcube is a dynamic platform that’s constantly evolving to satisfy the needs of customers and the events market. Competitive, flexible, and scalable, our features are continually refined to meet the needs of event providers and organizers.

Showcase members only live streams with Eventcube Virtual Events