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Our extensive new virtual events platform is designed to help you host online webinars, conferences, concerts, performances and more. Using key integrations Eventcube is built to stream via Youtube, Zoom and just about any other livestream network online. Sell tickets, go live, grab attention, use multi-channel strategies and engage with attendees worldwide.

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All the tools you need to run successful virtual events...

Live streaming

An end-to-end solution for creators and organisers of Live events to sell live streamed content directly to their audience. You can even chat to attendees in real time and offer other branded content to them.

Video On Demand

Sell pre-recorded video and audio content with ease alongside live streams by creating a bespoke video on demand portal that helps to monetise existing content.

Members Only

Power the seasonal and ongoing management of membership passes, registration and ticket sales. Manage these all through an online portal where members can setup their details, payment plans and purchase tickets.


Interact with a global audience with online events

Dive into the live chat room and allow your audience to take part in streams with specialised tooling. Give your guests a voice and replicate the experience of a live panel or webinar from the comfort of your own home through real time communication.

Join a watch party with friends or colleagues and share the event together. Create a buzz and make your event a destination online. All included with our Virtual Events platform.

  • Interact with guests
  • Live chat integration
  • Replicate a live panel
  • Zoom and Youtube integration
  • Real time communication
  • Give your guests a voice

Start a webinar series with our powerful Video on Demand portal

Allow users to register interest, purchase tickets and update their diaries in one simple transaction. Send and schedule reminders for attendees and grow your audience with easy to use social media integrations.

Build and keep audience data, target and upsell new online events and keep the connection alive.

  • Host a live webinar
  • Sell tickets to your virtual event
  • Send & schedule reminders
  • Social media integrations
  • Build audience data
  • Upsell features

Sell tickets to a private event with our ticketing solution

Keep things exclusive with limited privacy settings and offer a unique livestream experience to valued attendees and members.

With special locked down access you control the guestlist and can stream in private away from uninvited guests and viewers.

  • Sell tickets
  • Privacy settings
  • Member only ticketing
  • Private events
  • Guestlist control
  • Secure platform

Livestream a virtual conference with members only features

An environmentally friendly solution to international conferencing, make use of specialised digital tooling - allow attendees to interact and communicate with panelists and hosts live and direct.

Cut costs and save time with online networking, live webinars and easy access content available to registered guests. Work collaboratively and generate business through global communication at the click of a button.

  • Livestreaming
  • Conferencing
  • Member only features
  • Panelist interaction
  • Online networking
  • Member only content

Broadcast your event live to Facebook, YouTube and more

Integrate with high capacity streaming platforms and video experiences such as Twitch, Facebook & more. Target your social networks with innovative content designed to entertain and keep viewers watching.

Create a buzz online and reach new global audience in a way like never before with gripping visual content and audience interaction opportunities unlike any other. With our virtual events platform you can go live anywhere and talk to the people you value most through a unique real time communication channel designed to bring the action directly to their phone or laptop worldwide.

  • Easily share on social media
  • Facebook integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Twitch integration
  • Broadcast to a global audience
  • Real time communication

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