Designed to maximise the potential of your next virtual event

Host your virtual event online with unique video, communication, registration and ticketing software. Eventcube works alongside key streaming and conferencing services like Youtube, Zoom, Twilio and more to maximise the potential of any virtual event. From gym classes to theatrical performances, brand activations to workshops - our end to end system will help you sell tickets, grab attention and engage with audiences worldwide. 

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A virtual venue

Build your own virtual venue to host the ultimate conference, webinar, concert & more

A single platform with products tailored to suit any event.
Create stunning live stream stages with interactive features and live chat room.
Connect your attendees with video networking and feature-rich breakout rooms.

Easy wayfinding for your event attendees

  • Real time view of what is happening across stages
  • Rich text event introduction and information
  • Easy navigation to breakout rooms
  • Customised per-attendee access
  • Dynamic multi-day schedule
  • Fully branded experience

The ultimate stage for your live stream

perfect for
  • 4K HD streaming with multi-room support
  • Support for RTMP, webcam or pre-record video streams
  • Audience participation widgets
  • Real-time polls & voting
  • Realtime chat with moderation tools

Connect your attendees with HD video networking

  • Support for up to 200 attendees per room
  • HD video networking
  • Sub-room breakout feature
  • Digital whiteboards via Miro integration
  • Moderator tools such as kick/mute/ban
Eventcube is trusted by thousands of event organisers worldwide
Eventcube productions

Our in-house video engineers, graphic designers, producers and directors work with you to deliver high quality live streams for use across our products. A fully tailored service-lead approach, our years of experience put you in safe hands to manage end-to-end delivery.

Make an impact with professional end-to end show production

  • Mix live & pre-recorded content
  • Visual & media design
  • Virtual green room
  • Live panel up to 8 participants
  • Live social media integrations
  • Greenscreen virtual sets & backgrounds
Eventcube Bespoke

We understand that not all events are the same. Our team is able to produce bespoke technical and visual solutions that adapt our platform to maximise the potential of your event. By creating a truly unique experience for your audience, we can showcase your identity and make your event stand out.

Bespoke creative solutions that make your event stand out

  • Bespoke functionality
  • Platform integrations
  • Design services
  • Creative ideas & concepts
  • Consultancy
  • Project management

A fully connected events platform

Eventcube is a modular based platform that integrates with the tools you're already using. We seamlessly integrate with world leading softward to improve your productivity by making your life simple and reducing repetitive tasks.

As part of all of our Virtual Events...

HD Video Streaming & Playback

Compatible with all major video platforms.

Branded at every virtual touchpoint

Fully white label with limitless creative opportunities and bespoke customisation.

Comprehensive registration & ticketing

Paid or free registration for any virtual event hosted via Eventcube platform.

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