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Welcome to a revolution in online ticketing. Combining power and simplicity, Eventcube is an all-in-one platform that helps you effortlessly sell tickets to any type of event.

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Memorable drawing classes in person and online with real animals, inspiring a closer connection and a compassion for nature.
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Throughout the world and across a range of industries, we’ve helped event organizers sell tickets online, grow their audience, and streamline their operations.

“We’ve been a loyal client of Eventcube since 2018 and I have to say 100% thumbs up to every way they approach everything they do with their platform.

"We couldn't be happier with the service and support we've received from Eventcube, truly a game-changer in event management."

"We will continue to use Eventcube for our ticketing needs, and would recommend others do to.”

Free events are always free

Never pay a penny when your events are free. Only pay fees with paid events.

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all fees

All Eventcube and payment fees can be covered by the customer with the default booking fee.


Receive revenue from every ticket sale, instantly. No more waiting for your payments.

DEcades Of Event Experience

An events platform you can trust

A scalable platform

All the features you need to host events in style

Eventcube’s industry leading ticketing platform empowers you to take control of your events with a range of powerful, user friendly features.

Customizable event pages

Drag-and-drop tools, customizable templates, and multimedia support enable you to create event pages that aren’t just informative but truly capture your brand ethos.

Event creation & ticketing tools

From event planning to the big day, our intuitive interfaces and seamless automation simplify the whole process – effortlessly set event dates, define ticket tiers, allocate seating, and monitor sales in real-time.

Multiple ticket types

Easily set up early-bird rates, group packages, VIP access, and more, ensuring you maximize attendance and satisfaction.

Create a buzz around your event

Promotion and discount tools
Use an intuitive dashboard to roll out tailored promotional campaigns that drive online ticket sales. Offer unique promo codes or exclusive packages to both first-time attendees and loyal followers.

Social sharing
Seamless integration lets you publish your event on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with just a click, driving traffic back to your custom event page.

Video embedding
Eventcube allows you to embed promotional videos directly onto your event page, capturing the essence of what attendees can anticipate, all while keeping them engaged on your platform.

Audience reports and insights
Dive deep into your event's performance with Eventcube's detailed insights. Understand ticket buyer demographics, track sales patterns, and glean actionable insights to continuously refine your event strategies.

Everything you need to sell tickets online

Embedded checkout
By integrating the ticketing process directly into your site, retain your brand’s look and feel while offering attendees a seamless purchase experience.

Scheduled payouts
With Eventcube, you can choose when you receive your earnings. Set up automatic payouts on schedules that align with your financial planning.

Group your events under tailored collections. Whether it's a series of webinars, workshops, or seasonal events, Eventcube's categories feature keeps your offerings organized and easily navigable for attendees.

Custom Checkout Fields & Promo codes
Eventcube’s easy-to-use interface lets you craft unique promotional codes to attract a wider audience. Collect additional info from your attendees with custom checkout fields to enhance their event experience.

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Pricing and fees

Transparent pricing for every event, free events are always free!

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a clear, non-nonsense pricing structure, so you know exactly what you're getting without any hidden surprises. Whether its online payment processing or service fees, we make it easy for profits to land in your bank account.


Perfect for those who need a powerful yet affordable ticketing solution.

Completely free

Ticket fee:
5% of the transaction

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For professionals requiring enhanced features and a lower transaction rate.


Ticket fee:
3% of the transaction

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Customized for high-volume organizers and unique requirements.

Bespoke Rates


Note for UK companies: Prices and percentages exclude VAT

A comprehensive toolkit to boost ticket sales and grow your audience
  • All-in-one platform tailored for in-person events, hybrid, and virtual events.
  • Unique customization with custom domains
  • Secure ticketing for Zoom, Teams, and other third-party platforms
  • Robust set of event management and registration tools
  • Immediate fund transfers with every sale through Stripe
  • Comprehensive control – set both face value and the booking fee
  • Superior support and extensive features available for Pro and Enterprise users.
  • Wide range of integrations, including Mailchimp for newsletters and email blasts

Get set up and sell tickets online in just minutes

Few platforms make onboarding this straightforward. Our intuitive system is so easy to use you’ll selling tickets to your event in under 5 minutes. Don’t believe us? Create a free account today and see for yourself!

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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t listed on the right, head over to our Support page, we’ve got you covered.

What are the total ticket fees?

When you sell a ticket with Eventcube, you will be charged two things: (1) Eventcube fees and (2) Stripe processing fees. In almost all cases, these fees will be covered by the customer via the default booking fee that you set. Learn more

Who pays the fee, me or the customer?

By default, a booking fee will be added to the cost of the ticket to cover the cost of all the fees so you don't have to be out of pocket. You can also choose to remove the booking fee for the customer and absorb the cost yourself.

When do I pay my fees?

All fees are taken at point of sale, meaning you don’t have to worry about any messy invoicing post event. 

What is the booking fee?

With Eventcube you set and keep both the face value and the booking fee on all tickets sold, with our fees taken as a % of that total amount. This allows you to either cover your costs, absorb any fees or make a little extra on top of the face value - the decision is yours.

Are free events free?

Yes, you’ll never be charged for free tickets to any events set up on Eventcube. 

Do you offer discounted rates for charities?

Eventcube works with charity events and non-profit organisations offering the platform to multiple fundraisers at reduced rates.

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