Host stunning events from your personalised virtual venue

Eventcube Virtual Events offers fully branded and secure alternatives to standard conferencing and live-stream platforms. Set up a fully customizable stage for your live stream with built-in features, including an HD (up to 4k) video player, production tools, live chat, polls, and custom widgets for gathering data.

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Build your own unique event platform for your audience

Ensure your virtual event leaves an impression. Showcase your uniqueness with a comprehensive set of customization tools. Eventcube is a fully white label platform, meaning you have the freedom to match your attendees’ experience to your brand.

Host multiple stages just like a real-world event
Take control with a fully branded experience
Foster connection within your community with live, public chat rooms
Empower your audience with our interactive communication tools

Elevate your social space with networking rooms & breakout areas

With comprehensive video networking features, breakout rooms can be an ideal way to keep attendees entertained. Add in interactive whiteboards and other integrations to make collaboration a breeze—ideal for workshops and classes.

Private and public meeting rooms with video conferencing
Bring your team together with an online collaborative whiteboard
Harness user-generated content with a live social wall

Help your event shine with high-definition streaming

We’re continuously evolving and adapting so you have the best streaming tools to broadcast your event, whether it’s pre-recorded content, live panel interviews, or live productions.

Maximize sales with unlimited viewers around the world
Full HD streaming for all devices
Broadcast from anyway at anytime
Get to know our team of experts
in-depth analytics

Get to know your audience and make smarter decisions

Visualize customer behaviors and engagement trends
Drive sales with real-time reporting
Bespoke analytics

An all-in-one platform that starts with secure ticketing and registration

Eventcube Venue is ideal for ticketed live streams, offering secure access and minimal ticket fees. Attendees enjoy a hassle-free experience with one-click entry, while advanced security measures deter link sharing.

Safeguard your event with SecureSeat—tickets can only be used on one device
Effortless checkout for your attendees
Ensure your audience’s privacy and protect customer data
A scalable platform

An ever-evolving array of useful features

Eventcube is a dynamic platform that’s constantly evolving to satisfy the needs of customers and the events market. Competitive, flexible, and scalable, our features are continuously refined to meet the needs of event providers and organizers.

event management
  • Secure seat ticketing
  • Secure seat registration
  • Self service or fully managed
  • Fully branded / white label
  • Branded email communications
  • Countdown holding page
  • Indepth reporting & analytics
  • Data privacy
Platform features
  • All 100% browser based
  • On the day maintenance & technical service support
  • Customer support
  • Curated event lobby
  • Multiple streaming rooms
  • Full HD live streaming for all devices
  • Networking/Breakout Rooms
  • Sponsor units
  • Schedule & Agendas
  • Custom embed content
Audience features
  • Live public chat room
  • Live polling
  • Live Q&A
  • Live photo upload
  • Networking Rooms: Video conference
  • Networking Rooms: Chat room
  • Pre-assigned networking rooms
  • Whiteboard integration

Included in every Virtual Events package

HD Video Streaming & Playback

Compatible with all major video platforms.

Branded at every virtual touchpoint

Fully white label with limitless creative opportunities and bespoke customization.

Comprehensive registration & ticketing

Paid or free registration for any virtual event hosted via Eventcube platform.

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