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Host your event both online & in person. Explore our Hybrid Events platform

Maximise your event’s reach through online streaming and virtual networking tools. Broadcast your event live in real time to an audience online. Broaden the conversation with chat rooms and video conferencing - hybridise the experience and make your event limitless with interactive social tools and global video playback.

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All the tools you need to run successful hybrid events...

Fully integrated ticketing

Sell tickets to both an in person and virtual event using our white label ticketing platform. Reach new audiences online and extend capacity. Schedule ticket sales for different time zones via a custom web store.

Interactive Virtual Networking

Connect with attendees online and in person. Bring the real time experience of a live event to an audience at home. Communicate with viewers and attendees remotely through live chat, video conferencing and more.

Upsell Online Advertising & Sponsorship

Use our white label broadcast tools to showcase key sponsor and advertisers online. Create a new virtual space for your real world event and increase display opportunities for both your brand and partners.


Increase your attendance by combining virtual and in person to create a hybrid event experience.

Integrate remote q&a and dial in participants remotely for a truly hybridised experience. Connect attendees worldwide and utilise digital software to enhance your conference, trade show or expo online. Setup group networking sessions and attract a wider audience with a virtual showcase or event.

  • Interact with guests
  • Live chat integration
  • Replicate a live panel
  • Zoom & YouTube integration
  • Real time communication
  • Give your guests a voice

Create unique ways for your audience to engage with your content

Make your event pop with innovative design and production tools. Customise video playback and let audiences relive the experience online. Connect external media players and enhance the action with custom display units and enhanced virtual design. Bring the audience in on the act with online polling, chat, q&a and upload tools.

  • Social plugins
  • Custom design
  • Virtual polling and Q&A
  • Interactive chat rooms
  • Media playback
  • Online event production

Hybrid events will save both you and your attendees money

Reap financial rewards and broaden your events horizons with video streaming, on demand playback and virtual networking. Bring your online event to life by streaming an in person experience to a global audience - connect with new fans and expand your guestlist.

  • Increase capacity online
  • Eco Friendly digital conferencing
  • Minimise in person event costs
  • Create online marketing opportunities
  • Grow your brand
  • Connect with new fans

Increase value for your sponsors by offering both an online and offline event presence

Connect with an interactive market. Utilise online ad serving, upsell sponsorship opportunities, reach more people and maximise user metrics with detailed reporting and analytics online. Make your brand stand out and customise the experience from start to finish.

  • Upsell sponsor units
  • Custom branded virtual events
  • Real time analytics
  • Sponsored conference rooms
  • Video Networking
  • Virtual demos

One events platform to drive your hybrid, virtual and real world events

Built to support both virtual and real world experiences. Eventcube is a fully white label system designed to showcase the vision of your brand online - merging beautiful technology with usable tooling designed to enhance hybrid events big and small. Combine both the real and virtual for a truly interactive experience.

  • Custom ticketing
  • Video streaming
  • Virtual networking
  • Secure access
  • On demand playback
  • In depth analytics

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