Livestream and schedule your recorded video content in just a few clicks

Organise, structure and schedule video for playback using Eventcube’s innovative live stream scheduling system. Integrate video on demand into a virtual conference or online event with comprehensive tooling which facilitates flexible media playback and management. Set timers, schedule the length of display and programme the running order of video content across a live event.


Upload your video, create a playlist of pre-recorded video content and let our software broadcast it live

Automate playback ensuring media is presented in line with a programmed schedule. Bring depth to a live event with multimedia integrations, utilise pre recorded video to build a narrative and sequence video content so as to run alongside a presentation, raise brand awareness or direct a viewing audience.


Save time and money on video hosting, editing and post-production with our video scheduling software

Utilise Eventcube software and integrate digital media into a virtual event or conference with ease - removing the need for editing, splicing and video production. Focus attention on the presentation and performance of a live event whilst the system coordinates stream scheduling and video playback using pre defined automation tools.


Go global and reach audiences in every time zone

Drive interaction and level up by hosting digital media as part of an online event or conference. Increase engagement and visibility using video content and reach a wider audience with international time management facilities which coordinate playback globally. Build a visual narrative around an event with stream scheduling facilities and playback management technology.

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