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Top 8 Best Event Registration Software Systems Of 2024

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Registration is an essential part of managing and running events. Even if everything else is perfect, a poor registration system can derail your success. That's where we can help! In this article, we'll go through our picks for the top 8 registration platforms available today. Whether you're organizing small workshops, large conferences, or hybrid events, these cutting-edge solutions can streamline registration, enhance attendee engagement, and gather insightful data for future event success. From key features, pricing, and pros & cons, we'll assess the best tools for your event registration needs. Let's get started!

In the bustling world of event management, ensuring smooth and efficient event registration is paramount. As an event organizer or event creator, you've likely tried and jump around various registration and event ticketing platforms and tools. The sheer number of software available today can be overwhelming. No matter the size or type of your event, the right event registration system often makes all the difference - not only streamlining the registration process but also enhancing the overall experience for your attendees. It's a crucial cornerstone that sets the tone for your event, facilitating seamless check-ins, personalized communication, and accurate data collection. But hang on a ticket, before we jump into the best options on the market, let's break down what an event registration system encompasses.

What is an online event registration system?

An online events registration system can be described as a digital platform or software designed to facilitate the process of signing up attendees for an event. It acts as a bridge between event organizers and their audience. At its core, this system simplifies the steps involved in online registration by providing tools for collecting attendee information, processing payments, and managing the list of registrants.

More than just a registration tool, it can offer features like customized event landing pages, real-time analytics on registrations, and integrations with other tools like event management software or CRM systems. With the increasing shift towards online events and virtual conferences, such systems have become integral to ensuring that the registration process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Many of these platforms also offer online event registration and payment system functionalities, allowing organizers to handle everything from sign-up to payment in one unified space. This not only saves time but also provides a seamless experience for both the event hosts and the attendees.

What can you do with good event registration software?

Investing in a robust event registration software can transform the way you handle events, from corporate conferences and events to intimate workshops and expansive virtual meetups. Here's what a top-tier system can offer:

  • Streamlined Registration – Automate and simplify the registration process from start to finish, allowing attendees to sign up with ease and reducing manual errors.
  • Custom Branding – Personalize your event registration website, forms, and communications with your branding, ensuring a consistent look and feel.
  • Real-time Analytics – Gain insights into registration trends, attendee demographics, and event popularity to adjust your marketing and planning efforts.
  • Integrated Payment Processing – Handle ticket sales, donations, and other transactions through an integrated online registration and payment system, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Effective Communication – Engage with attendees through automated email confirmations, reminders, and updates.
  • Enhanced Attendee Management – Organize and manage attendee lists, track RSVPs with dedicated RSVP management software features, and offer waitlists for sought-after events.
  • Integration with Other Tools – Connect your event registration platform with CRM systems, marketing tools, and other vital platforms for a unified workflow.
  • Mobile Optimization – Allow attendees to register, access event details, and make payments on mobile devices.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Event Support – Cater to the rise of virtual events and hybrid events with features like virtual venue access and interactive tools.
  • Feedback Collection – Collect post-event feedback effortlessly for future event improvements.
  • Comprehensive Support – Rely on dedicated support teams for assistance during setup, event launch, and any issues.

So, without further ado, let's jump into the best options on the market right now.

Our Top 8 Best Events Registration Software are:

  1. Eventcube
  2. Eventbrite
  3. Brown Paper Tickets
  4. Cvent
  5. RegFox
  6. Registration Guru
  7. Registration Guru
  8. Accelevents

1. Eventcube

Image source: eventcube.io

In the vast landscape of event registration software tools, Eventcube is becoming a top contender, particularly for those who want to combine ticketing prowess with robust event management capabilities. As soon as you venture into its platform, the intuitive design invites you to set up your personalized ticket store, easing the entire online event registration process. From the get-go, you're presented with a plethora of features, from varied payment avenues to the luxury of offering reserved seating, group discounts, and clever upselling strategies.

Eventcube's brilliance isn't just in the core features, but also in its innovative approach to event marketing. The unique Ticket Rep system is a testament to this. Designed with modern marketing strategies in mind, this system ropes in Ticket Reps or brand ambassadors who promote your event. Each of these reps is armed with a customized link, offering organizers real-time insights into their individual ticket sale contributions. If your event business leans into influencer marketing, Eventcube’s tools are primed to amplify that strategy.

However, the platform doesn't stop there. The Sold Out Marketplace feature is another feather in its cap. Say goodbye to the shady world of ticket resales. With Eventcube, ticket buyers have the liberty to resell their tickets within the platform, ensuring timely refunds and a fair, transparent process. This not only uplifts your brand's credibility but also guarantees revenue from non-refundable booking fees. And the cherry on top? All these top-tier features come with a transparent pricing model, giving it an edge over rivals like Eventbrite. Whether you're hosting free events, concerts, festivals, fundraisers, or conferences, Eventcube provides a cost-effective, feature-rich solution, ensuring every event registration is a seamless experience.

Key features of Eventcube registration tools

  • Customizable registration forms
  • Multi-ticket types
  • Over 100 payment options via Stripe
  • Discount codes & vouchers
  • Timed ticket releases
  • QR code generation
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Attendee management
  • White label solutions
Key info Price: Standard Plan - $0/month with 5% transaction fee; Eventcube Pro - $99/month with 3% transaction fee
Free Plan: Yes
Support: Email & chat
Best for Event planners who want a comprehensive, easy-to-use registration system
Pros + Direct payment model allows you to earn as you sell tickets, optimizing event finances
+ Efficiently integrates with other Eventcube solutions such as ticketing and virtual event platforms
+ Retain full control over your client data without any third-party marketing interference
+ Transparent pricing suitable for various event types including singular, recurrent, or sequential
+ Zero initial costs – pay only upon successful ticket sales
+ Intuitive interface with easy-to-use design elements
+ White-label features offer a tailored event and ticketing marketplace experience
Cons - Lacks advanced functionalities like conditional workflows for segmenting attendees or automating specific actions
Integrations Stripe, MailChimp, Seats.io, and QFlow

2. Eventbrite

Image source: eventbrite.com

Eventbrite may be the most popular registration software on the market—and with good reason. This event giant is a testament to what can be achieved in the realm of event management. Whether you're hosting free events, seminars, or grand music festivals, Eventbrite provides the tools necessary to handle every facet of online event registration seamlessly. Its intuitive user interface ensures that both experienced event creators and those new to the event business can easily set up registrations and manage attendees.

Beyond registration, Eventbrite offers a plethora of features to enhance online event visibility and engagement. Its event registration tool integrates flawlessly with popular social media channels, ensuring maximum reach. What's more, its robust analytics capabilities provide organizers invaluable insights to refine their strategies for future gatherings. The accompanying mobile app not only allows for easy registration management but also facilitates smooth check-ins, a boon for large gatherings.

However, while Eventbrite offers a myriad of features, those looking for a more cost-effective alternative might turn their gaze towards Eventcube. Providing a comparable suite of features at a potentially reduced cost, Eventcube is a prime example of getting more value for your investment. Curious about the cost differences? We recommend checking out our fees calculator to compare the pricing structures, ensuring you make an informed choice tailored to your budget and needs.

Key features of Eventbrite registration tools

  • Customizable event pages
  • Built-in payment processing
  • Multiple ticket types & pricing
  • Attendee management
  • Event analytics & reporting
  • Embedded checkout on external websites
  • Promotion & discount codes
  • Mobile event app for check-in
  • Email campaign integration
Key info Price: Free for non-ticketed events; 3.7% + $1.79 Service Fee and 2.9% Payment Processing Fee for ticketed ones
Free Plan: Yes
Per Event: $49.99 to sell unlimited tickets
Monthly Subscription: $149/month to sell unlimited tickets for as many events
Support: Email and chat
Best for Community gatherings, niche hobby events, local street festivals, and casual social meetups
Pros + Flexibility to design various ticket types for a single event
+ Provides e-tickets equipped with QR codes for streamlined check-ins
+ Smooth integration capabilities with platforms like Eventcube's ticketing and virtual event tools
+ The platform's organizer app facilitates on-site ticket sales for last-minute attendees
+ Allows for ticket refunds or sales modifications when required
Cons - Some users have reported inconsistent customer service quality
- Potential for delays in support responses
- Limited capabilities for personalizing event branding
Integrations MailChimp, HubSpot, ConstantContact, SurveyMonkey, and GiftUp

3. Brown Paper Tickets

Image source: brownpapertickets.com

Brown Paper Tickets stands out not just as a reliable online registration platform but also for its eco-friendly initiatives. Celebrated for its straightforward approach, the platform supports events ranging from local music shows to educational seminars. The process of registration is streamlined and secure. A defining feature of Brown Paper Tickets is its commitment to transparent pricing and sustainable practices. Event organizers benefit from no hidden costs, and the added assurance that they are using a platform conscious of its environmental impact. Integration with social media platforms amplifies event visibility, while its robust reporting tools offer insights into sales, attendance, and more.

Beyond just event registration, Brown Paper Tickets sets an example with its green initiatives. As event organizers and attendees become increasingly environmentally conscious, such sustainable practices hold more value. When choosing a registration platform, it's essential to consider not just the features and cost but also the company's broader contributions to sustainability and positive global impact.

Key Features of Brown Paper Tickets registration tools

  • Free ticketing for event organizers
  • Physical ticket printing and shipping
  • Will-call and guest list management
  • Mobile ticket sales and event management
  • Fair-trade ticketing practices (commitment to transparency and ethical business)
  • 24/7 customer service for ticket buyers
  • Event promotion and marketing assistance
  • Donation tools for non-profits and community events
Key info Price: Pricing is set at 2% + $0.99 for each ticket sold, with an added charge for credit card processing.
Free Plan: Available for events that are free of charge.
Support: Support channels include Email, Phone, and Live Chat.
Best for Event coordinators in need of comprehensive ticketing solutions enhanced by strong reporting capabilities.
Pros + Comprehensive live reporting and analytics for events.
+ Feature-rich ticket pricing options including discounts, early bird specials, and promo codes.
+ Customizable event pages support videos and imagery.
+ Seamless social media integrations amplify event visibility.
+ Offers flexibility in ticket revenue payouts—daily, weekly, or monthly.
Cons - Credit card processing fees coupled with per-ticket charges can be costly for some organizers.
- For those unfamiliar, the platform's user interface might present an initial learning curve.
Integrations Integrates smoothly with platforms such as Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, among others.

4. Cvent

Image source: cvent.com

Originally recognized as a leader for conferences and events planning, Cvent has evolved into an all-encompassing event registration system, offering a plethora of tools designed to streamline the online registration process for both large-scale and intimate gatherings. Whether you're in the midst of organizing a corporate conference or a cozy seminar, Cvent's robust registration tools ensure that each event signup is managed with precision.

What sets Cvent apart from its competitors is its dynamic event registration app ecosystem. Event organizers have the ability to customize their event pages, implement barcode event registration systems, and utilize other state-of-the-art features, such as the open-source event registration system integration. This allows for a seamless blend of technology and convenience, ensuring attendees have a smooth experience from the moment they register for an event until they leave the venue.

Key features of Cvent registration tools

  • Customizable event registration pages
  • Flexible registration options (individual, group, guest registrations)
  • Personalized event agendas and session management
  • Dynamic event pricing and discount code application
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Attendee communication and marketing tools
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Mobile event app integration
Key info Price: Provided upon request
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & live chat
Best for Large conferences spanning multiple sessions/days and for the hospitality sector
Pros + User-friendly, mobile-optimized registration web platforms
+ Offers a selection of modern and high-quality design templates for pages
+ Features automated workflows for attendee segmentation
+ Equipped with advanced tools for visualizing data related to attendee activities, sales metrics, and traffic patterns
Cons - The software comes with a higher price point
- Primarily oriented towards conferences, leading to more restricted ticketing functionalities
Integrations Compatible with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Oracle, Google Analytics, Webex, Zoom, and GoTo

5. RegFox

Image source: RegFox.com

RegFox has established itself as a leading event registration platform. It's preferred by many top global brands due to its affordability - charging only a 99-cent registration fee - and its blend of simplicity and powerful features. Catering to both virtual and in-person events, RegFox offers organizers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for modern events, including total branding control for consistent attendee experiences, signed waivers, waitlists, event sessions, and data-driven insights from memorized reporting.

Aside from its robust features, RegFox emphasizes support and ease of implementation. They offer a range of solutions, be it cloud-based, SaaS, or on-premise. Their support framework, which includes an extensive knowledge base, chat, email, phone assistance, and ample training resources—ranging from online sessions, documentation, videos, to webinars—ensures users can harness the platform's full potential efficiently.

Key features of RegFox registration tools

  • Customizable registration pages
  • Branding control for consistent attendee experiences
  • Flexible pricing options and payment gateways
  • Signed waivers and liability forms
  • Registrant waitlists
  • Event session management
  • Data-driven insights with memorized reporting
  • Group check-ins and attendee management
Key info Price: Fees are $0.99 + 1% for each paid attendee, with a maximum charge of $4.99 per attendee
Free Plan: Available
Support: Accessible through email, chat, and phone communication
Best for Organizing conferences, classes, retreats, and camps
Pros + Features an intuitive drag-and-drop tool for event page design
+ Serves as a comprehensive event CRM
+ Facilitates group registration processes
+ Robust integration capabilities with Facebook for enhanced event promotions
+ Allows for flexible pricing structures using conditions-based logic
Cons - Management of attendees is smoothest when they have saved payment details
- Initial user experience might be challenging due to a steep learning curve
Integrations Supports integration with Marketo, ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Intercom, and ConstantContact

6. Eventsquid

Image source: eventsquid.com

Eventsquid's accolades speak for themselves. More than just another registration software for events; it's a dynamic and adaptable tool designed for diverse needs, from corporate conferences to local workshops.

The flexibility of Eventsquid is one of its most distinctive features. Whether you're in the process of setting up registration for a large-scale conference or a smaller, intimate seminar, Eventsquid provides a tailored experience. Its detailed tools and systems, specifically crafted for event management, ensure that organizers can tackle every aspect of their event, from intricate ticketing schemes to detailed attendee management, with precision and ease.

But who exactly is Eventsquid best for? Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of event planners. Be it conferences, camps, or classes, its features cater to varying event scales and complexities. Moreover, the platform offers extensive support options, ranging from a comprehensive knowledge base and chat support to in-depth training through webinars and documentation.

Key features of Eventsquid registration tools

  • Powerful custom-tailored registration engine
  • Supports single, group, guest, minor, and third-party registrations
  • Flexible online and invoice payment options
  • Offers additional sessions, goods, services, and donation collection
  • Tailored registration forms based on registrant type
Key info Price: Minimum annual license starts at $4,425, typically suitable for around 400 registrations
Free Plan: No
Support: Phone, Email, and Chat.
Best for Event organizers seeking a comprehensive registration solution for larger-scale events.
Pros + Powerful registration engine catering to various registrant types.
+ Offers diverse payment methods, pricing options, and additional access choices.
+ Customized registration forms based on registrant type for an improved user experience.
+ No "dummy" forms—tailored prompts and options enhance registrant interaction.
Cons - Some users have reported the Event Evaluation tool needs improvement
Integrations Zapier, Paypall, Stripe, GTR, and more

7. Registration Guru

Image source: app.registrationguru.net

Registration Guru Software offers a tailored solution for venues, event planners, and universities to effortlessly manage the registration process. From collecting attendee details to processing credit card payments securely, its intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience. The software's built-in conditional logic ensures only pertinent questions are presented, setting a positive tone for the event.

Beyond registration, users can track expenses, generate name badges, dispatch email updates to attendees, and craft customized reports, making it a comprehensive tool for event management. While it's a relatively new system in the market, its potential and versatility are evident. With the promise of regular updates and the dedication of the Registration Guru team, this software is poised to set new standards in the event registration arena.

Key features of Registration Guru registration features

  • Seamless attendee detail collection
  • Secure credit card payment processing
  • Built-in conditional logic for relevant questions
  • Expense tracking capability
  • Barcode/ticket scanning
  • Email update functionality for attendees
  • Tailored report building
  • User-friendly interface for event management
Key info Price: Starts from $1
Free Plan: No
Support: Phone & email
Best for Venues, event planners, and universities seeking a streamlined registration process
Pros + Seamless attendee detail collection
+ Secure credit card payment processing
+ Built-in conditional logic for targeted questioning
+ Comprehensive expense tracking
Cons - Being a newer system, some features like 'Print Badges' are still under development
- Lacks extensive integration capabilities. However, the committed team ensures continuous improvements
Integrations authorize.net

8. Accelevents

Image source: accelevents.com

Accelevents shines as not just an event registration software but a holistic event management system. Known for its adaptability, it's adept at facilitating a variety of events, from personal online meetings to vast in-person conventions. The registration process is seamlessly designed, making it easy for attendees to sign up while giving organizers a user-friendly interface to manage entries and RSVPs. This is complemented by tools that cater to both virtual and physical events, demonstrating its range in handling diverse event formats.

What sets Accelevents apart is its attention to detail in registration functionalities. Features like intuitive forms, real-time reporting, and integration capabilities ensure that event organizers have comprehensive control over the sign-up process. Moreover, while its infrastructure supports broad event management, the platform's focus on registration is evident in its tailored solutions, ensuring every registration, whether for a small seminar or a grand conference, is managed efficiently.

Key features of Accelevents registration tools

  • Customizable registration forms
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Multi-session registration
  • Flexible ticketing and pricing options
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Marketing and social media integrations
  • Virtual event capabilities
  • Mobile event app
Key info Price: Professional plan starting from $5000 (suited for 1 event)
Free Plan: No
Support: Accessible via live chat, email, and phone
Best for Hybrid and on-site conferences, seminars, training sessions, and fundraising events
Pros + Streamlined and intuitive registration process
+ Advanced workflows for intelligent attendee categorization
+ Provides options for group sign-ups
+ Incorporates a built-in seating arrangement feature
+ Full branding customization in emails, badges, and the registration platform
Cons - Charges a flat $3 fee for each attendee, irrespective of ticket type (paid or free)
- Sits on the higher end of the pricing spectrum
Integrations Integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Zapier, and Google Sheets

Before choosing, do your due diligence!

In an ever-evolving digital world, the way we organize, manage, and experience events has transformed immensely. The choice of the right event registration software can make a monumental difference, influencing not only your own experience but also your attendees' journey from registration to participation. As we've explored these top platforms, it's evident that each offers unique features, tailored to specific event needs.

However, the sheer diversity of options also underscores a pivotal point: the importance of research. While each software on our list comes highly recommended, they cater to varied event scales, complexities, and budgets. Before committing to one, invest time in understanding its features, usability, support infrastructure, and compatibility with your event's goals. Dive deep into reviews, take advantage of trial versions, and even reach out to peers in the industry for feedback.

The perfect event registration platform for you is out there, waiting to be discovered. With diligent research and a clear understanding of your needs, you're well on your way to ensuring your events resonate success, efficiency, and unforgettable experiences for all involved!

So there you have it - that's 8 of the best event registration software available. Now comes your job of sifting through their tools, features, and usability to see if ti fits your event's specific needs. Good luck

Create an account, set up a test event, and take your preferred booking system for a spin!

*All pricing was taken from the public pricing pages from the companies mentioned above and was accurate to the best of knowledge at the time of writing (09/04/2023).

The reviews on this blog represent the independent opinions of our writers and are for educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Pricing information is accurate as of the time of writing, based on the public pricing pages of the reviewed products; however, prices are subject to change by the product owners. We recommend checking the companies’ websites for the latest pricing.

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