A powerful, yet easy to use self-service event ticketing system

We power events large and small - everything from destination festivals, major sporting and music events to club nights, local fairs, charity fundraisers and private galleries. Eventcube is a high performance platform designed to enhance ticketing and event management for organisers and their customers. With a comprehensive array of features and capabilities the software provides everything to sell tickets fast and manage customers.

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All the tools you need to run events and sell tickets...

Branded Ticket Stores

Customise and showcase your branded ticket store via Eventcube using unique theming and bespoke design tools. Optimise the style of your marketplace and create a visual experience to help drive sales and brand identity.

All-In-One Ticketing Tools

Utilise extensive features, upsell add ons and connect with a wider audience using social media integrations and promotional tools. Eventcube is built for easy access registration - set up a store, allocate tickets and start driving sales with flexible payment integrations and sales mechanics.

Scanning & Reporting

Track sales, assess demographics and manage ticketing data with high performance reporting tools and end to end mapping. Assess the success of a campaign and compare results using real time and post-event statistics.


Get set up and sell tickets online in minutes with our easy to use interface & cutting edge technology

Unlike many other ticketing system providers we allow organisers to connect their own payment gateway directly so they get paid as the tickets sell - this means that there’s no waiting until after the event to receive the funds.

With easy access registration, organisers can set up a custom store, allocate tickets and start selling in just a few clicks. Take advantage of high performance integrations, easy access reporting and flexible features.

Eventcube is the online leader in direct to customer ticketing, helping organisers cut out the middleman.

  • Event ticketing in minutes
  • Get paid as tickets sell
  • No waiting until after the event
  • Easy access registration
  • Branded ticket stores
  • No middleman

Ticket booking, reservation and sales tools

Supported by years of experience in the events management and technology industry, the system comes equipped with an extensive array of features and resources.

A white label ticketing service built to meet the universal needs of event promoters, managers and organisers, Eventcube has powered thousands of experiences worldwide.

Built with functionality and flexibility in mind, Eventcube comes equipped with a broad spectrum of features helping to drive sales, promotion and target customers.

  • Ticket booking
  • Exclusive tickets
  • Private events
  • Ticket promotion
  • White label ticketing
  • Fully customizable ticketing
Promote your event

Event marketing and promotion tools

From group buy options to social incentive models, we understand the importance of marketing opportunities to grow an event. Make use of flexible payment tools - allow customers to purchase tickets via instalments and promote discount opportunities using secret ticket tiers, voucher codes and hidden links.

Upsell with ease - offer tailor built experiences to those attendees looking for something more. Accessibility and adaptability has always been at the core of the Eventcube platform.

  • Group buy options
  • Social incentives
  • Flexible payments
  • Pay in installments
  • Ticket upselling
  • Voucher codes

Full white label ticketing and event customisation

Custom brand each ticket store and tailor its image to offer one seamless, end to end, visually enhanced experience for customers.

Use unrivalled design tools to colour coordinate each store, position a brand name throughout the checkout experience and customise the visual purchase journey for customers with a unique brand makeup like no other.

  • Custom branding
  • Fully white label ticketing
  • Built in design tools
  • Fully brandable
  • Visual purchase journey
  • Event customisation
own your data

Take control of your ticket data

Unlike other ticketing platforms, at Eventcube organisers are in total control of their data. We never re-market, re-use or re-sell the data they collect. Get to know customers better by collecting specific information per event. Repurpose and target upsells to attendees using social media tools and marketing integrations.

Drive sales to future events, share exclusive content and offers with your audience. Event creators work hard to attract their customers, we help them to keep them. Built with functionality and flexibility in mind, Eventcube comes equipped with a broad spectrum of features helping to drive sales, promotion and target customers.

  • Control all data
  • No re-use of data
  • Know your customers
  • Targeted upsells
  • Social media integration
  • Exclusive content

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