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2022 Predictions Based on Event Industry Trends

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And just like that, we’re coming out of 2021 with a newfound mastery of virtual and hybrid events. Here are our greatest takeaways from 2021, what we think the events industry would look like in 2022 based on market trends, PLUS a sneak peek of some of the exciting projects we've been working on.

If 2020 was a trial period, 2021 prepared us for the better and the worst! That includes anticipating the ebbs and flows in social restrictions and developing services that help our clients uncover opportunities that await in the virtual world.

If you missed any of it, here’s a recap of the greatest hits in the events industry and a sneak peek into what 2022 looks like based on market trends:


Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay

70% of event managers and organisers intend to keep virtual events in their post-pandemic strategy. This decision is largely influenced by the success event planners have seen in attracting diverse audiences and keeping attendance at record highs. Download the full report here.

At this point, the conversation has gone beyond convenience and cost-effectiveness, although those two remain key factors in event planning.


A stronger push for sustainable events.

Did you know that the UK events industry contributes 1.2bn kilograms of CO2e every year? And that’s just for diesel use in venues used for corporate, live, sporting, and music events; not including travel.

It’s safe to say that the steady shift towards virtual and hybrid events will help reduce this number. With companies improving their carbon footprint and single-use plastic, post events are becoming less of an issue now. 

If that’s not enough reason to go virtual or hybrid, we don’t know what is!


People are looking to improve virtual experiences through audience engagement.

We are leaving teleconferencing to the daily standups. If your main agenda for holding virtual events is to connect with key players in your industry, you’ll need a little more creativity.

According to Markletic’s research, successful events bank on audience engagement and 81.8% of virtual event organisers turn to live polls to satisfy this goal.

But why stop at live polls when you can have a whole social network inside your event? Think 1:1 private calls between attendees and multiple rooms for group networking, all in one platform. 

Who knows… if you’ve made an impact lasting enough, you might earn a new LinkedIn connection (an easy integration in Eventcube Virtual Venue).

What’s new in Eventcube?

Introducing Eventcube Visual Editor

A new tool designed to elevate your brand through powerful customisations. Build emails, promote events and control fonts, colours and logos all in the one place. Showcase your brand across the Eventcube platform

Go Virtual

Host online events with video streaming, on demand playback, virtual conferencing, social messaging tools. Our unique broadcast system allows you to customise and connect with audiences worldwide, powering virtual events large and small. 

Bespoke Membership Systems

Supporting gyms, sports clubs and global charities - our new and improved membership platform allows you to manage customer membership plans, host content, sell tickets and build a hub for your online audience.

We're more than excited to wrap up the whirlwind that is 2021 and start the new year fresh! This time, with better grip of what works in the events industry (and what doesn't) and adaptability to the changes in the times.

How about you?

How do you plan to hit the ground running in 2022

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