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An interactive, high performance live webinar service

Webinars are a great way to broadcast live talks, panels, presentations, debates and guest speakers to viewers online. Their popularity has soared in recent years having been used by businesses, universities and charities of all sizes. Live webinars offer viewers the chance to tune in, chat and engage in real time alongside fellow attendees from around the world.

Eventcube offers live webinar hosting online. Sell tickets or stream for free to a dedicated guest list of attendees. Allow them to participate in the conversation, host presentations and educate an audience using expert tooling and Eventcube’s unique software integrations.

Members Only Live Streams

Multi-platform live video webinar streaming via Eventcube

Designed to work alongside leading video hosting platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, Twitch, Vimeo and more. Eventcube offers seamless custom branded hosting opportunities in which to present exclusive live webinars with restricted access and live chat facilities for registered attendees.

With simple registration and full access to custom design features it takes just minutes to set up, register interest, invite attendees and sell tickets to a webinar online.

On-Site Management

Educate and engage your audience through an unrivalled dedicated live streaming platform

Go live globally - wherever, whenever with a webinar streaming service designed to encourage audience engagement and participation.

Use Eventcube integrations to query audience opinion and perspective, share screens and presentations in real time as if the audience were in the room. Stream video calls and interviews between split locations, broaden the narrative through the inclusion of guest speakers and reach a wider market of attendees.

Whether it’s a board presentation or a keynote speech, Eventcube is designed to facilitate and make the most of every unique live webinar, whether the audience is big or small.


Track attendance and read the room with live webinar hosting

Sell tickets and register guests for each live webinar. Gather market insight on those attending and track their participation during the live event. Offer incentives and discounts for group attendees and keep the audience on their toes with custom tooling and unique video hosting capabilities. Present in style and keep the audience hooked with interactive live chat features and key messaging.

Send invitations exclusively to attendees via email and use Eventcube’s extensive social media integrations to encourage attendance and rally interest for upcoming webinars online.


Discover the benefits of using a white label live webinar platform with custom design

Customise each stream and tailor the presentation of a webinar to showcase the best of your brand in one seamlessly designed experience which incorporates video hosting, live chat, store design and social media integrations all in one.

Make use of a unique set of design tools to colour coordinate each stream's web page, position a brand name and customise the onboarding experience from start to finish providing information, access opportunities and upsells to webinar attendees along the way. Drive sales and attendance to future streams, share exclusive content, educate your audience and keep them talking with Eventcube’s high performance live webinar software.

Marketplace and Bespoke Development

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