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Eventcube is a fully customizable, feature-rich ticketing platform, empowering event organizers through technology.

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It's your store...

Stamp your identity across the customer experience by tailoring the look & feel to your brand. Create a beautifully designed checkout experience for your customers.

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It's your event...

Control how you charge your customers - deposit plans, group buys, loyalty tickets, social discounts, upsell tickets, we have it all covered. You can even set, manage and keep your own booking fees.

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...and it's your money

Don't let a faceless, big name ticket company hold your money. Get constant cash flow, no more waiting until the event has finished. Receive payments directly as your customers purchase tickets.

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No Ordinary Event

See ticketing from a different angle…

You’ve got enough to do, ticketing shouldn’t get in the way. Quick & free sign up - get running in less than two minutes.

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Save time, smash sales targets and focus on the important part of your events.

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Eventcube is trusted by thousands of event organizers worldwide

From small grass-roots event organizers, to stadiums and international brands, we have processed over $28 million of tickets around the world so far.

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"Eventcube transformed the way we approach putting on festivals. Their technology is second to none and has helped us gain 360° control of our events."

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