A full service event management platform

Eventcube is a feature rich, white label event management platform, empowering through beautiful technology.

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Manage your events, memberships and tickets in one platform.

We empower creators with a rich set of event management tools. Use them individually or harness them together to create a powerful and seamless experience.

Design a fully white label event experience...

Eventcube has been designed to be readily adaptable and allows the capability to fully rebrand the platform, enabling it to appear to the customer like they’re using the brand or creator's own ticketing technology.

Go one step further and fully customize the platform and integrate into the creator’s website. Remove all Eventcube branding and use a custom domain to create a completely white label ticketing experience.

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...Sell tickets to your event online

Eventcube is the market leader in direct to customer ticketing. With an increasing appetite from event attendees to buy direct from the event creator or brand - rather than via a middleman - we provide event organizers of any size the ability to connect directly with their fans.

Eventcube has been used to sell over 100,000 events with over $40M of tickets processed.

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Take advantage of membership tools...

Eventcube helps fully manage the event and membership process. We’ve integrated the membership process with the main Eventcube ticketing environment, which means ticketing and memberships can be offered to members and all be managed in one convenient admin.

Build and manage unlimited membership types, create multiple seasons and offer a wide range of payment options including recurring direct debit payments.

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Explore the full suite of event management tools on the Eventcube platform...

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Eventcube is trusted by thousands of event organizers worldwide

Over 1.5m people have attended an event run by Eventcube. From small grass-roots event organizers, to stadiums and international brands, Eventcube has processed over $40M of tickets and been used for over 100,000 events around the world so far.

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"Eventcube transformed the way we approach putting on festivals. Their technology is second to none and has helped us gain 360° control of our events."

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