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Case Study: How TBI Media & TikTok used Eventcube to host a Virtual Festival

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Company profile: The Big Idea

The Big Idea (TBI Media) is an internationally acclaimed media production company who create and produce a diverse range of ground-breaking content for clients worldwide. They work across a broad spectrum of live events, radio, digital and beyond producing cutting edge media on air, online and on stages.

Their client list is prolific with TBI Media having worked with the likes of the BBC, BT Sport, Yamaha, Disney & Virgin.

As a company, TBI Media prides itself on its excellent efficiency, delivery and professionalism. It has become a key partner in the delivery of high end content and digital media in the UK and globally.

The Challenge

TBI Media approached Eventcube on behalf of social media network TikTok for whom they were tasked with the production of a virtual festival to be hosted online for staff based in Europe.

TikTok is arguably the fastest growing social media network globally and has gathered an internationally acclaimed reputation for its communicative properties, especially amongst millennials.

The virtual festival would feature key performances and appearances from a number of crucial online influencers, musicians and entertainers across several hours and would be attended by an audience of over one thousand online guests.

It was important that this virtual festival was securely accessible, only by TikTok staff and that the stream itself maintained the high standards and reputation of the TikTok brand and the artists featured. TBI Media and TikTok were also keen to ensure that the virtual festival offered communicative opportunities for staff alongside the digital stream in real time.

The Solution

Using our expansive virtual events platform, Eventcube was able to fulfill the requirements of two brands with prestigious reputations. Our system was utilised to stream a virtual festival which ran across several hours, hosting a secure access only stream to TikTok employees, ensuring the highest quality in production values and brand representation.

Through the use of Eventcube's white label functionality we were able to customise the presentation of the stream and the website upon which it was presented. This ensured that TikTok imagery and the brands visual identity was suitably positioned throughout the course of the event.

The modular build of the Eventcube virtual conference platform allowed for us to integrate a real time chat room alongside the running order of the entertainment. Attendees were able to discuss the performances in real time, liaising and communicating digitally with colleagues and TikTok counterparts across Europe.

The Results

The digital event was a renowned success with over a thousand viewers tuning in to chat and watch performances by the likes of Aitch, GRACEY, RAYE, Wild Youth, 220 Kid, Brandom Baum, Jessica Bakes and Arben Giga.

The virtual festival featured live interviews, music and more across several hours of entertainment which went off with a bang.

"We were delighted with how the show went and we have very happy clients. Thank you again for being involved and working with us to create a brilliant event, the platform was flawless and you made the process so easy for us."

- TBI Media Production Team

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