10 Proven Event Sponsorship Ideas (2020 update)

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Acquiring sponsorship for your event might seem tricky, perhaps even daunting if you don’t know where to start. It’s important to pick the correct sponsorship partner and ensure that both parties attain shared value from the relationship. A great event sponsorship should enhance the delivery of any event - be that in respect of marketing, facilitation of a service or in its creative associations.

Fortunately there are a lots of different event sponsorship ideas out there, with the right know-how and information the perfect opportunity is likely to be closer than you think.

Whether you are looking to establish sponsorship to aid in the facilitation and delivery of your event or simply an opportunity to entice and incentivise attendees. Sponsorship opportunities are a great way of broadening your reach and collaboration, ensuring your event is recognisable and memorable.

Event sponsorship can offer the opportunity for creative collaboration and interaction with great brands and partners, raising the profile of your own event and bringing value to the sponsor at the same time.

With so many options and approaches to event sponsorship available we have gathered together an assortment of some of our favourite event sponsorship ideas and opportunities to help get you started.

Our 10 proven event sponsorship ideas:

  • Find shared value with on site sponsorship activation
  • Contact brands with shared values and offer advertising/content
  • Connect with brands interested in your event's data
  • Offer sponsorship for a livestream event
  • Utitilse your crowd for sponsored giveaways
  • Offer to host an onsite photo-booth
  • Provide slots for sponsored speakers / consultation
  • Host a sponsored mixer/afterparty
  • Offer naming rights to your event
  • Provide sponsored onsite technical support

1. Find shared value with on site sponsorship activation

Perhaps one of the most commonly used event sponsorship opportunities. An event can offer a unique unrivalled opportunity to showcase a sponsored on site activation. Perhaps an up and coming beverages brand may seek to meet the thirst of your guests? Maybe a technical partner is keen to trial a new computer system for conference attendees?

There are numerous brands who may be keen to lend support and sponsor your events in exchange for an opportunity for them to launch, trial or activate a new product. The key to success here is in pairing the needs of your event with a suitable sponsor keen to deliver them. This is all about shared value.

2. Contact brands with shared values and offer advertising/content

Some brands and sponsors simply want to be seen in the right places. For them an event sponsorship opportunity stems from their visibility and presence. Take a concert for instance - there is likely to be hoardings, physical banner display opportunities, signposting and more. A conference might offer commercial advertising or sponsored content in a programme or guide.

Many sponsors will seek to invest in such display opportunities to target new customers and market their brand.


3. Connect with brands interested in your event's data

As an event manager - mapping and monitoring the attendance, purchase and behavioural patterns of attendees and event participants offers a unique insight into the granularity and specifics of a given market. A sponsor may be very keen to integrate and work with both your event and the system in operation to gather information and insight into a target market sector and its potential opportunities. This is a unique event sponsorship initiative which can benefit both parties and offers great shared value.

4. Offer sponsorship for a livestream event

Live streaming has become the hottest tool in the event industry across 2020. A sponsor may be keen to participate in the dissemination and support of a live stream due to the opportunities they offer in respect market reach. Events hosted online are hot property with 63% of organisations and companies taking their events online in 2020 alone. Besides this, virtual events are kind in respect of budget and environmentally friendly.

5. Utitilse your crowd for sponsored giveaways

Many brands and sponsors use events as the perfect opportunity to place their products in the hands of potential customers. “Swag Bags” and “Giveaways” offer a unique means to gift and trial new products amidst a new target market, raising both brand awareness and delighting event attendees. Guests leave humbled and happy in the receipt of a free gift from either one or a number of sponsors whilst brands relish in the opportunity to gift directly to what might become a future valuable customer.

gift bag.jpg

6. Offer to host an onsite photo-booth

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter are key to the social success of any event. Whilst they play a key and crucial role in driving attendees and market interest in advance of an event they also offer the perfect opportunity for event sponsorship collaboration on site. Why not introduce a sponsored photobooth or installation on site? Encourage your audience to take pictures with sponsored Instagram filters or in a custom sponsored photo booth.

7. Provide slots for sponsored speakers / consultation

Many sponsors might be keen to participate and speak directly with your audience on site. Perhaps this might be a preluding speech at a conference or an interactive booth situated at the event itself. A sponsor may be keen to use this platform to present a new initiative, upsell, liaise directly with customers or conduct market research. As an event manager it is worth considering whether you might be uniquely placed to offer a sponsor access to those whom they strive to reach.

8. Host a sponsored mixer/after party

Before or after the main event itself is a great opportunity to introduce a sponsored social mixer. Many sponsors may be keen to offer support and assistance in the running and management of a social mixer or party. Perhaps they might choose to sponsor an after party following a concert in exchange for brand reference and acclaim? Maybe they will invest in a drinks reception before the keynote speech? As an event manager it is important to consider the event sponsorship ideas and opportunities which might circumnavigate the main spectacle.

9. Offer naming rights to your event

Arguably one of the most recognisable examples of event sponsorship is in the ability to offer naming rights to a sponsor. As an event manager, consider whether there are any areas or aspects of your event of which you would be happy to offer a brand ownership or entitlement to for use in their own product and marketing strategy. This could be from a stall to a stage, a guidebook to a campsite, a seminar to a fair. Many potential sponsors are eagerly looking for the opportunity to take on the naming rights and custom image of an already established offering.

10. Provide sponsored onsite technical support

Depending on the scale of your event it might be of interest seeking a dedicated sponsor for certain specific elements of technical support. This might be for either yourself as an event organiser or for the benefit of your attendees. It could include the build or delivery of a sound system or visual display. It might be a sponsored charging station for guests to use free of charge. Each event will be presented with its own specific set of technical requirements, however the sponsorship opportunities in the use of such service is potentially limitless.

tech support sponsored.jpg

Creativity is key when assessing how a sponsor might best fit in respect of your event. There are opportunities in all aspects of the event itself - be that in the facilitation and delivery of the experience, in the attendees and their information, on site brand awareness opportunities, gifting and product activation. Event sponsorship ideas should be explored and engaged upon, they might just bring the next big spark to your event.

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