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12 Best Free Event Ticketing Systems For 2024

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Are you a budding organizer seeking a free event ticketing system? We cover the pros and cons, pricing, and more than 8 of the best options on the market today suitable for every use case.

The events world is growing, and with it the demand for better free services. This guide highlights the top 8 free event ticketing software of 2024, exploring their unique features and benefits for enhancing event management. Ideal for organizers, business leaders, or anyone seeking a free event ticketing solution, free event ticketing systems meet various needs, simplifying operations and elevating attendee experiences.

What is an event ticketing system?

An event ticketing system is a digital platform that enables organizers to sell tickets online for events. It streamlines the process of managing sales, registrations, and attendee information, offering features like payment processing, seat selection, and real-time tracking of ticket availability.

What are the benefits of using a free event ticketing system?

Using a free ticketing system for events saves costs, offers easy promotion through social media integration, provides real-time tracking and reporting, simplifies attendee registration, enhances the ticket buying experience with customization options, and streamlines management tasks for organizers.

The 8 best free event ticketing platforms are:

  1. Eventcube
  2. Purplepass
  3. Eventbrite
  4. TicketTailor
  5. Regfox
  6. Zeffy
  7. RSVPify
  8. TicketSource

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What does "free" mean for ticketing platforms?

Unlike software for other industries, the meaning of 'free' in ticketing websites can vary. Generally, 'free' refers to a service tier that doesn't require a subscription fee from the organizer. However, this doesn't always mean no cost at all, as fees per ticket sold or a percentage of ticket sales might apply, either passed onto the buyer or absorbed by the organizer.

Some platforms offer free services only for free events, starting to charge when tickets are sold. What's more, 'free' versions might come with limitations on features, support, or attendee size. This is why it's important to delve into these nuances. Always ensure your free event ticketing software system meets your requirements (and the features you need are actually free!)

How do creators sell tickets online for free?

Navigating a successful event with minimal overheads is achievable—you just need the right online ticket seller. Many platforms provide comprehensive management tools at no initial cost while charging a small fee per ticket sale (usually borne by the buyer). These resources, from ticket sales to promotional aids and real-time sales data, can streamline your event's journey from conception to completion.

Launching an event involves setting up an account, detailing your event, assigning ticket prices, and promoting across various channels. However, while platform usage may be free, remember that a small commission is usually deducted from each ticket sold, so it's crucial to understand your chosen software's terms and conditions.

Check out our guide to the top 40 places to promote your event for free.

Does a free ticketing system let me offer discounts to attendees?

DIscounts are a powerful weapon. The average free event ticketing system should enable you to offer discounts or promo codes on tickets.

"But how can I offer discounts on a free event?" we hear you say.

Well, discounts can be used for other aspects of the event, such as merchandise, exclusive access areas, or future events with an entry fee. This can help to incentivize engagement or early sign-ups by providing value-added benefits.

Eventcube streamlines this process, providing a user-friendly dashboard for creating a variety of promo codes, from percentage-based discounts to fixed price reductions. You can set these codes' applicability to specific tickets or ticket groups and control their duration.

Right, now we've covered the basics, let's help you pick the best free event ticketing system in 2024.

1. Eventcube

Image source: eventcube.io

Founded: 2013, HQ: London, UK

Seeking an event solution that's as versatile and reliable as a Swiss Army knife? Well, there's a good reason Eventcube is our number 1 free ticketing platform. Perfectly suited for events big or small—from a cosy poetry reading at a café to a music festival drawing thousands—this user-friendly software doesn't just help you sell tickets online. Providing cutting-edge event registration software, as well as event management tools, EventCube supports you throughout your event planning journey, making it a breeze for both organizers and attendees.

What's more, this free event ticketing system packs a punch! It's the ideal choice for budget-conscious users who still want robust functionality. After creating your free account, you can build custom event pages, manage ticketing, and track registrations.

But this platfrom's appeal goes beyond ticketing. It guides you every step of the way, from brainstorming to the grand finale, as well as enabling you to analyze your results afterwards. One standout feature is its readiness to host virtual events - crucial in our increasingly digital world. Whether your creation unfolds on stage or screen, this free ticketing system has a bundle of innovative features, including the unique ticket rep system.

Eventcube also caters to payments by providing secure and convenient online payments. With more tickets sold, you can maximize your ticket sales and revenue. In our view, few platforms can elevate your vision as seamlessly and cost-effectively as this free ticket sales platform.

Key Details Price: Standard Plan - $0/month with 5% transaction fee; Premium Plan (Eventcube Pro) - $120/month with 3% transaction fee
Free Tier: Available
Customer Support: Accessible via Email & Chat
Best For Creators who want a scalabale free plan with a robust feature set
Pros + Clear pricing structure tailored for single, recurring, and series of events.
+ Immediate payment processing as tickets are sold.
+ Full control over customer data; Refrains from using captured sales and customer data for marketing other events.
+ Smooth integration with ticketing and virtual events tools.
+ No upfront costs, you pay only after a ticket sale.
+ Comprehensive white-label capabilities for crafting custom-branded event and ticket marketplaces.
+ User-centric design features enhance usability.
Cons - Absence of conditional workflows to trigger actions or segregate ticket buyers into groups.
Integrations MailChimp, QFlow, Seats.io, Stripe

2. Purplepass

Image source: purplepass.com

Founded: 2008, HQ: San Diego, California, US

Need to balance affordability and functionality in event management? Purple Pass could be the platform for you. This versatile free ticketing system offers a free plan that provides a remarkable range of features, making it an excellent choice for event organizers of all types.

Purplepass' free online event ticketing system, you get much more than a simple ticketing solution. It's a comprehensive event management suite designed to make your job easier. Right from the get-go, you can create custom event pages, manage ticketing, and track registrations, all online. Ultimately, Purplepass empowers you to sell tickets online as well as streamline your ticket-selling process.

What truly sets Purplepass apart is its adaptability. It's designed to support events of varying scales and types, ensuring that whether you're organizing a local book club meeting or a music festival teeming with attendees, Purplepass is ready to assist. But it doesn't stop at ticket sales—this platform offers comprehensive support, encompassing everything from marketing to post-event analysis.

And the perks don't end there! This free event ticketing system integrates with social media platforms, extending your reach and attracting a wider audience. Purplepass even offers support for virtual needs—a key feature in today's increasingly digital landscape. While some users have complained the software can be confusing and unintuitive, this ostensible lack of user-friendliness is a small price to pay for the platform's comprehensive features.

Key Info Price: For profit events - 2.5% + $0.99 per ticket; Non-profit events - 2% + $0.99 per ticket
Free Plan: Available
Customer Assistance: Offered through Email & Phone
Best For Service-oriented businesses looking for a cost-effective yet powerful ticketing solution
Pros + Enables creation of VIP and group ticket packages, enhancing audience flexibility.
+ Offers straightforward ticket tier or event transfer.
+ Supports group registration, facilitating ticketing for larger parties.
+ Provides the option to sell tickets "at the door" after the online sale, ensuring maximum sales.
Cons - Lack of unique features distinguishing it from other ticketing competitors.
- The accompanying app is currently basic but improvements are anticipated with future updates.
Integrations Constant Contact, Evensi, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, The Events Calendar, WordPress, etc.

3. Eventbrite

Image source: eventbrite.com

Founded: 2006, HQ: San Francisco, US

One of the big players in the event management world, Eventbrite is a comprehensive and powerful free ticketing software. Offering a diverse suite of features, an intuitive user-friendly interface, and scalable functionalities, it can serve a wide array of use cases. The process of event creation, ticket distribution, and attendee tracking is streamlined through its straightforward platform, offering quick adoption even for newcomers. Furthermore, this free event ticketing system has a truly impressive feature set, including guest list management, ticket sales tracking, real-time attendance monitoring.

Eventbrite software

The free version is especially remarkable for its extensive capabilities. This makes it a cost-effective solution for non-profit organizations, community gatherings, or any circumstance where attendees are not charged. Despite being free, users can establish a custom event page with their own branding, manage guest registration and ticket distribution, and even list the event on the Eventbrite directory, all contributing to a professional and attractive presence.

The free plan also includes access to core management and promotional tools. Organizers can manage guest lists, check attendees in using the Eventbrite Organizer mobile app, send customized email invitations, and access basic data and reports for event performance insights. While some advanced features like reserved seating, priority customer support, and custom-designed tickets are only accessible with paid plans, the free version still offers a comprehensive solution.

If you are doing paid events, check out some competitors to Eventbrite as their complex fees can creep up on you. We cover Eventbrite's fees and alternatives in extensive detail on our blog.

Tip: If you're looking for more information on the cost of Eventbrite including fees, we explain all in our blog post, Eventbrite Fees & Pricing Explained.

Key Info Price: Free events incur no fees; Charged events - 3.7% + $1.79 Service Fee, 2.9% Payment Processing Fee
Free Plan: Yes
Per Event: $49.99 to sell unlimited tickets
Monthly Subscription: $159/month to sell unlimited tickets for as many events
Customer Support: Via Email & Chat
Best For Free plan is particularly suited for smaller, interest-driven events, including social events and street parties
Pros + Flexibility to create diverse ticket types for a single event.
+ Capability to sell e-tickets equipped with QR codes.
+ Smooth integration with Eventcube's ticketing and virtual events products.
+ The Eventbrite organizer app facilitates on-the-spot ticket sales to walk-in guests.
+ Facilitates ticket refunds or alterations to a sale when required.
Cons - Inconsistent customer support quality.
- Support response times could be improved, as per user feedback.
- Limited control over event branding.
Integrations Constant Contact, GiftUp, HubSpot, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey

4. TicketTailor

Image source: tickettailor.com

Founded: 2010, HQ: London, UK

TicketTailor has become a trusted name among event professionals across various industries. This free event ticketing platfrom is renowned for its expansive suite of features, appealing to a broad range of ticketing requirements. Its offerings—including password-protected tickets, recurring events, and custom URLs that enhance brand recall—are impressive. Beyond these, it provides essential functionalities like unlimited ticket types, varied event categories, and options for both private and public listings. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes the process seamless, further elevating its appeal. Importantly, TicketTailor offers a free plan for free events, making it an accessible choice for event planners of all scales and budgets.

TicketTailor software

The unique pricing structure of TicketTailor ensures that you only pay when you sell tickets. This means that for free events, the platform serves as a free event ticketing system. With TicketTailor, you can take advantage of its robust online ticketing features and create a customized ticket selling experience for your attendees. Via Zapier, the platform integrates with myriad ticket software apps, simplifying the ticketing process, and making it easy for you to manage online ticket sales.

TicketTailor's simple pricing enables you to easily calculate ticket costs, ticket fees, and ticket sale revenue for your business—butTicketTailor's commitment to simplicity extends beyond it's its pricing structure. Many of its positive reviews remark on how easy the software is to use—going live and selling tickets are rendered painless. While a few users have cited issues with the mobile app, if you want a robust free event ticketing system, we believe TicketTailor could be a safe bet.

Key info Price: Free for no-cost events, Pay As You Go at $0.65 per ticket (+ VAT)
Free Plan: Available
Support: Via Live Chat
Bestfor Those who need a cost-effective ticketing solution with multi-language support.
Pros + No charges for free events, enhancing affordability.
+ Option to create password-protected tickets for exclusive offers, providing a unique marketing approach.
+ Supports 19 languages, increasing accessibility at ticket checkout.
+ Availability of a waitlist feature allowing interested customers to be notified when tickets become available.
+ Provides a WordPress plug-in to facilitate the sale of event tickets on your WordPress site.
Cons - The service's reporting capabilities (particularly around online sales data) could be more robust.
Integrations Constant Contact, Zapier

5. Regfox

Image source: RegFox.com

Founded: 2008, HQ: Sacramento, California, US

RegFox has become known as a cost-effective alternative to some of the industry's big players. In their words, the software could save you up to $2000 annually on fees for a hundred-attendee event.

RegFox, for its modest flat fee, delivers a host of functionalities, including a website builder, diverse branding options, and automated marketing. Standout features include deep social media integrations that allow customized posts and Facebook conversion tracking, enabling you to get the most out of your event budget. Plus, their unique ambassador program encourages organic growth by rewarding attendees who bring friends on board.

RegFox software

This free event ticketing system also provides free registration options specifically designed for events where attendees are not charged—perfect for that don't involve ticket sales, like charity events or community gatherings. Furthermore, RegFox's CRM features enable you to keep abreast of all your relationships—spnsors, attendees, vendors and more—helping you manage and track leads.

On the operational front, RegFox guarantees smooth registration management, rapid payment processing, and flexible payment options. During the big day, you can count on its dedicated app for hassle-free guest check-in through QR scans, and receive real-time updates of online registrations. Bear in mind, some reviews report that customer service is unresponsive, but these are in the minority.

All in all, RegFox's comprehensive approach enables you to concentrate on executing an exceptional event, knowing that your registration and ticketing needs are being expertly handled.

Key info Price: $0.99 + 1% per paid registrant (Maximum fee of $4.99 per registrant)
Free Plan: Available
Support: Email, Chat & Phone
Best for Those who want to utilize CRM features for their event.
Pros + Enables group registration, facilitating larger event bookings.
+ Event page builder with drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the setup process.
+ Offers the capability to set dynamic pricing using conditional logic.
+ Functions as an event CRM, aiding in comprehensive event management.
+ Includes advanced Facebook integrations to boost marketing strategies.
Cons - New users may face a steep learning curve.
- Attendee management could be challenging without guests choosing to have a card on file.
Integrations ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Intercom, ConstantContact, Marketo, MailChimp

6. Zeffy

Zeffy brand image
Image source: zeffy.com

Founded: 2016, HQ: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Unlike other platforms on this list, Zeffy has no paid plans – it really is 100% free! This free event ticketing system has been revolutionizing the nonprofit sector with its innovative platform, enabling organizations to retain 100% of the proceeds. Their comprehensive suite includes customizable tickets, a variety of payment methods, and real-time analytics for management, making it a go-to choice for nonprofits aiming to maximize their fundraising efforts efficiently.

Zeffy brand image

The platform's user-friendly interface and robust support for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events cater to the diverse needs of the nonprofit community. Zeffy's commitment to eliminating fees on transactions distinguishes it from other services, offering a unique value proposition that empowers organizations to focus more on their mission and less on the costs associated with fundraising.

All in all, this is a free event ticketing system where you know exactly what you're getting, and a top choice for non-profits.

Key info Price: Free
Support: Email, Chat & Phone
Best for Small non-profits who want to keep all of their proceeds.
Pros + Hands-on partner for charities
+ No ticketing fees
+ Very user-friendly
+ Lets donors know 100% of their funds are received by your organization
Cons - Some users reported they were unable to change volunteer slots
- Issues with email features
Integrations HubSpot, MailChimp, Slack, Google products, and more

7. RSVPify

RSVPify brand image
Image source: rsvpify.com

Founded: 2013, HQ: Chicago, Illinois, US

RSVPify is a robust platform praised for its ease of use and comprehensive planning features. Users from across sectors find the platform incredibly user-friendly and efficient for managing guest lists, sending invitations, and tracking RSVPs. The free features offer a solid foundation for planning, with customizable websites and online RSVP collection being particularly highlighted.

However, this free event ticketing system isn't without drawbacks. Some users note the limitations in customization options and the challenge of navigating reports as minor drawbacks. Despite these, the platform's affordability and the ability to significantly reduce the manual labor involved in management are consistently appreciated.

RSVPify software

RSVPify's free version supports events with up to 100 RSVPs, offering many of the same tools and customization options as its premium accounts. This makes it an attractive option for smaller events or those just starting with digital management. While the platform is celebrated for its intuitive design and comprehensive features, it's worth noting that the full value of RSVPify is unlocked with the premium version, which offers expanded capabilities. Its free event ticketing system is a good starting point, but for users requiring more advanced features, exploring the paid options might be beneficial.

Key info Price: Starts at $19 per month, Pay-As-You-Go 1.95% + $.90
Support: Email & Chat
Best for Free event organizers who want a robust feature set
Pros + User-friendly interface
+ Customizable event websites
+ Excellent customer support.
Cons - Lack of direct call support
- Some users report difficulties in navigating reports
Integrations Over 4000 tools with Zapier

8. TicketSource

TicketSource brand image
Image source: ticketsource.co.uk

Founded: 2004, HQ: Cardiff, Wales, UK

TicketSource is a professional-level online free event ticketing system. It's celebrated for its ease of use and accessibility. It provides a fully-featured online box office that's free for event organizers to use, with no charge for in-house cash, cheque, and complimentary bookings. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of use cases, offering a straightforward and cost-effective solution for managing ticket sales​​.

Users particularly appreciate the platform for its simplicity in setup and operation from both customer and administrative perspectives. The system is designed to be easily amendable and controllable for admins, offering quick payout processes. While there are very few criticisms of the service, some users have encountered challenges with scanning tickets in large quantities, especially in remote locations without laptop access. Despite these minor issues, the positive feedback highlights TicketSource as a reliable and user-friendly option for ticketing​​.

Key info Price: Price: 7% + VAT per paid booking (including all credit/debit card processing)
Support: Email, Chat & Phone
Best for Organizers looking for a great value ticketing platform
Pros + No contracts, hidden fees, or access tiers
+ Very user-friendly
+ High degree of control over events
Cons - Small organizations have reported being surprised by high fees
- Lacks mobile optimization
Integrations API, Stripe, WordPress, and more

9. TicketLeap

Founded: 2003, HQ: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Recently, Ticketleap has undergone a serious facelift, seeking to offer ticketing services in sync with an increasingly digital world. It offers a free plan rich in features, catering to various event sizes and types. Beyond robust ticketing capabilities, the platform allows users to create custom event pages, manage registrations, and handle payments efficiently. Its intuitive design ensures setting up and managing events is straightforward, even for those with limited technical skills.

TicketLeap integrates seamlessly with social media, enabling organizers to promote their events extensively and increase ticket sales. Customer reviews frequently highlight the platform's ease of use and excellent customer support, making it a dependable choice for event management.

One of Ticketleap's standout features is its mobile app for ticket sales and scanning, simplifying check-in processes. Additionally, the platform's competitive pricing—free for organizers and low fees for paid tickets—makes it accessible and cost-effective. While some users have suggested improvements in mobile-friendliness and noted higher fees for expensive tickets, the overall functionality and comprehensive feature set position Ticketleap as a strong contender in the event ticketing market​.

Key info Price: Price: For-profit events - $1 + 2% per ticket
Free Plan: Yes
Support: Email and Phone
Best for Organizers of community events and local festivals
Pros + Comprehensive set of free ticketing features
+ User-friendly interface simplifies event setup
+ Strong integration with social media for enhanced promotion
+ Excellent customer support
Cons - Limited mobile-friendliness
- High processing fees for more expensive tickets
Integrations Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, Salesforce, and more

10. EventCreate

Founded: 2015, HQ: San Francisco, California, US

Next up in our top free event ticketing platforms is EventCreate. While renowned for its event website-building capabilities, it also boasts many other event management, registration, and ticketing and registration features.

EventCreate's free plan allows users to create visually appealing, professional event pages with ease. These pages aren't just static sites but fully functional platforms for managing event registrations and ticket sales. This dual functionality is a significant advantage for organizers who want both a stunning online presence and seamless ticketing operations.

What makes EventCreate particularly appealing is its high degree of customization. Users can tailor their event pages with different templates, colors, and branding options to reflect their unique event identity. The platform supports a wide range of event types, from small private gatherings to large corporate events, ensuring that each event can be presented in the best possible way.

Users have praised EventCreate for its ease of use and customer support. The platform integrates well with social media, enhancing promotional efforts and ticket sales. However, some limitations include the absence of an Android app for event check-ins and the need to subscribe for access to some advanced features.

Key info Price: Price: Subscription plans start at $29/month
Free Plan: Up to 1 event and 100 attendees
Support: Email and Phone
Best for Organizers of professional events and customized gatherings
Pros + High level of customization for event pages
+ User-friendly interface with a quick setup process
+ Strong integration with social media for enhanced promotion
+ Excellent customer support
Cons - No Android app available
- Some advanced features require a subscription
Integrations Facebook, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and more

11. Ticketbud

Image source: ticketbud.com

Founded: 2009, HQ: Austin, Texas, US

If you're searching for a versatile event ticketing platform, Ticketbud offers a robust free plan that can handle a variety of events. This ranges from cozy community to get-togethers to large-scale festivals.

Ticketbud's free plan allows you to create custom event pages, manage registrations, and process payments with ease. The platform excels in user-friendliness, making it a snap to set up and manage your events. Real-time analytics and reporting tools give you valuable insights into your event’s performance, helping you stay on top of ticket sales and attendee engagement​.

A highlight of Ticketbud is its mobile-friendly design, complete with a dedicated app for event check-ins, ensuring a smooth experience for both organizers and attendees. Whether attendees are using credit cards or PayPal, Ticketbud’s flexible payment options make the transaction process seamless. Plus, it integrates well with social media platforms, amplifying your event’s reach and boosting ticket sales.

Users often commend Ticketbud’s excellent customer support, available via email and phone, which is responsive and helpful. However, a few users have noted that handling chargebacks and disputes can be a bit cumbersome. Despite this, the platform’s ease of use and comprehensive features make it a favorite for many event organizers​.

Key info Price: Price: 2% + $0.99 per ticket; Free for free events
Free Plan: Yes
Support: Email, live chat, and phone
Best for Organizers of community events and non-profit gatherings
Pros + Intuitive interface that simplifies event setup
+ Real-time reporting and analytics for effective event management
+ Strong social media integrations for broader event promotion
+ Reliable customer support
Cons - Handling chargebacks and disputes can be time-consuming
- Some advanced features require a subscription
Integrations Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

12. Event Smart

Founded: 2014, HQ: Ontario, Canada

Event Smart is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline event management with a strong focus on affordability and functionality. Its free plan allows organizers to create events, manage registrations, and sell tickets without incurring per-ticket fees.

You can set up custom event pages, manage attendee registrations, and offer various payment options. A notable feature is the support for QR code scanning, which makes check-ins efficient and straightforward​.

The platform is suitable for a wide range of events, from small community meetups to larger conferences and festivals. It integrates seamlessly with third-party services like PayPal and Stripe, enhancing flexibility and functionality. Users appreciate the platform’s intuitive interface and the ability to manage multiple events without additional costs​.

Event Smart offers robust customer support through email and a detailed knowledge base. However, it doesn't provide phone or live chat  support. While the customization options are extensive, accessing certain advanced features requires a subscription to their paid plans​.

Key info Price: Price: Free; paid plans available for additional features
Free Plan: Yes
Support: Email, Knowledge Base
Best for Organizers looking for a cost-effective solution with essential event management features
Pros + No per-ticket fees
+ QR code scanning for efficient check-ins
+ Supports various payment options
+ User-friendly interface
Cons - Learning curve for advanced features
- Limited customization options
- No phone support
Integrations PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, etc

Choose your fee event ticketing system carefully

When selecting the right free event ticketing system, thorough research and careful consideration are key. The world of free event ticketing systems is always changing—with technological advancements and innovative solutions constantly emerging. Therefore, to ensure a seamless and successful ticketing experience, it's crucial to choose a platform aligned with your specific event goals.

Whatever event you're organizing—whether it's a small gathering or a large-scale conferences—each of these software brings unique strengths and drawbacks. So take the time to delve into their features, consider your requirements, and carefully evaluate their pricing structures. While you may want the free version now, scalability is always something to bear in mind.

Remember, the right ticketing software can go a long way in streamlining your operations, enhancing the attendee experience, and (most importantly) increase the likelihood of your event's success. Invest time in exploring the options available, compare their offerings, and select a platform that empowers you to sell tickets efficiently, leverage technology effectively, and deliver a memorable experience for your ticket purchasers.

Today, ticketing technology technology is rapidly advancing. With this at your fingertips, you can maximize your business's potential, boost ticket sales, and create an occasion that leaves a lasting impression.

Disclaimer: The reviews on this blog represent the independent opinions of our writers and are for educational purposes only. We're not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Pricing information is accurate as of the time of writing, based on the public pricing pages of the reviewed products; however, prices are subject to change by the product owners. We recommend checking the companies’ websites for the latest pricing.

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