How To: Use Private Club Software To Grow Your Business (Membership Software Explained)

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Memberships and private clubs are a great way to bring in a steady and recurring stream of revenue, help manage cash flow and reward the loyalty of your customers , business or venue. The best thing is, i۪t's easy to set up with membership software like Eventcube.

How will membership/private club plans work for my business?

A membership is where an organisation offers services to customers on a recurring payment plan. You can decide on the membership levels, designs, revenue sources, events, finances, conferences and more It's completely up to you.

Examples of businesses that use membership plans include:

  • Gyms
  • Sporting clubs and associations
  • Online services
  • Non-profit charities and more
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Private Clubs

How can running a private members club benefit your business and customers?

The membership or private club business model is a great way to maximise profit and attract predictable revenue. The costs for retaining a customer on a membership plan can decrease dramatically when it comes to marketing and engagement. Other benefits of the membership model include:

  • Stable cash flow
  • Extended revenue opportunities (from regular returning customers and members)
  • Access to exclusive data, which will include vital information about your members and why they are signing up, to help with your marketing
  • Access to reports, including renewal and retention rates, activity logs, member history and more.
  • Increased membership sign-ups (due to membership incentives)
  • Increased member retainment (due to your customers enjoying benefiting from your services from showing their support)
  • Increased event attendances (due to member exclusive deals)
  • Increased percentage of on time payments (due to customers setting up direct debits for memberships)
  • Rapid and direct feedback from members

Planning a membership program:

Creating a sustainable and robust model from the get-go is key to a successful membership plan. If you do not prepare and execute this properly, you may be unable to calculate your development and see your business blossom.

Starting with a range of memberships can help increase interest as your customers would be offered more choice. For example, customers can gain access to more features or rewards from paying for a higher tier membership within your organisation.

Different models can help strengthen your relationship with customers, so it's important to design appealing offers. Packages and factors to consider include:

  • Monthly or annual payment plans
  • Exclusive content for customers
  • Membership only events / ongoing or seasonal
  • Gift memberships
  • Private ticket tiers for customers via a link feature
  • Personalised membership, such as birthday cards which will increase engagement from the outset and throughout

Membership software like Eventcube can help.

Eventcube۪'s private club software allows you to set up and manage your packages and then accept recurring payments on a monthly or annual basis, either via card payment or Direct Debit.

Customers are then given access to a membership portal where they can log in, manage their subscription, edit their details and gain access to exclusive content.

For more club membership management software, you can check out the best technologies in the market and see how they compare with Eventcube in this round up blog we made.

Look at what we built for Middlesex County Cricket Club below:

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