Top 14 Best Club Membership Management Software

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Looking for the ideal club membership management solution? You're in the right place. Our guide simplifies your search by detailing 14 top-tier membership platforms available in 2024, all aimed at streamlining your administrative tasks and running your members' club with ease. Discover how these diverse platforms can help boost your efficiency, engage your members more effectively, and promote sustainable growth for your organization. Time to get a head start in your industry by investing in the nurturing and growth of your member community!

In today's digital age, managing club memberships has evolved from traditional pen-and-paper methods to sophisticated software solutions. Clubs and organizations, whether they're sports-focused, leisure-based, or centered around special interests, have recognized the undeniable advantages of integrating technology into their administrative routines.

Selecting the right membership management software is a critical decision for any club leader. It can determine how seamlessly you can onboard new members, schedule events, track payments, and communicate effectively. But with a plethora of options in the market, making the right choice can be overwhelming. That's where we come in! We've picked the best club membership software in 2024 to simplify this choice, offering insights into features, user experiences, and unique selling points of the top contenders in the industry. So, dive to the top membership management software find the perfect fit for your club's needs!

What is membership management software?

Membership management software is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate the administrative tasks associated with managing members of an organization, club, or group. These platforms typically handle tasks such as registration, subscription billing, event scheduling, communication, and member tracking. Whether you're looking for a membership and event management software for a large organization or simpler membership software for clubs, there are a plethora of options available, including online membership software systems that operate in the cloud.

What to consider when choosing membership management software?

When deciding on the appropriate membership platform software, several factors should be considered:

Functionality - Ensure the membership program software meets the specific needs of your organization. For instance, sports club management software might have features tailored to scheduling games, while a country club management software might emphasize reservation systems.

Ease of use - Your membership management app or platform should be user-friendly, ensuring that both your team and members can navigate it with ease.

Integration: - Determine if the club membership system integrates well with your website or other software or systems your organization currently uses.

Scalability - Can the online membership system grow with your organization? It's crucial to invest in membership platforms that can handle an increase in members and activities.

Cost - While there are free membership management software options available, it's essential to weigh the features and support against the price. Sometimes, it might be worth investing in a paid membership and event software for more comprehensive features.

Support and Training - Find out what kind of support is offered. Training resources, customer service availability, and online documentation can be significant assets.

What are the benefits of using software for managing memberships?

When it comes to online membership management, using the right  platform software can yield a plethora of benefits. Such tools not only simplify administrative processes but also provide a more personalized experience for members. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, harnessing the power of these platforms ensures that clubs and organizations remain contemporary, efficient, and attuned to their members' needs. Now, let's delve into some of the primary advantages of these systems!

Efficiency - Automation of repetitive tasks like billing, registration, and communication can save time.

Centralization - All member data, from contact details to payment histories, is stored in one place – be it a club registration software or a more generalized membership subscription software.

Engagement - Features like event management and communication tools in membership and event management software can enhance member engagement and satisfaction.

Accuracy - With online membership software, there's a reduction in manual data entry errors.

Flexibility - Membership platforms often offer mobile solutions or apps, allowing members and staff to access the system from anywhere.

How do you build a successful club membership?

In our previous blog on How to Start a Social Club, we highlighted the importance of member engagement and satisfaction for club membership success. The approach, however, can differ based on the club type. While social clubs may flourish with a focus on member interactions, professional associations might need a structured approach for member acquisition, onboarding, and consistent engagement.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution for thriving membership clubs, we present insights from our recent market research. In a survey conducted by Eventcube involving over 200 paid membership subscribers, we delved into their experiences, available resources, and desired tools from memberships. A key finding was a strong demand for easier access to membership perks.

This indicates that clubs should concentrate their investments in:

  1. An improved membership platform.
  2. Membership benefits crafted specifically for diverse member segments.

While our research doesn't conclusively state that these factors guarantee club membership success, the customer demands are undeniably crucial and insightful. In the realm of club memberships, satisfied members are paramount for sustained success. Therefore, incorporating these insights into future planning is a strategic move.

How do you keep track of organization members?

Keeping track of organization members is made significantly easier with the right tools. Many turn to club software or a club membership management system for a centralized database. Here, members' information, payment history, event participation, and other relevant details are logged. Regular updates and audits, combined with the robust reporting features of website membership management software, ensure data remains current and accurate. Whether it's for a small group using free membership software or a large sports club using specialized sports club membership software, these systems offer invaluable oversight and organization.

We previously addressed the knowledge gap in coming up with ideas for your members’ perks package . This time, we’re helping you pick the right club membership software to upgrade into and off-load some of your worst membership admin nightmares. 

Our picks for the Best Membership Software 2024 are:

  1. Eventcube
  2. Wild Apricot
  3. Member Press
  4. Mighty Networks
  5. Glue Up
  6. Omnify
  7. Sport Member
  8. Sport Easy
  9. Member Clicks
  10. Join It
  11. Memberful
  12. Membroz
  13. Growth Zone
  14. Association Anywhere

1. Eventcube

Image source:

Coming in at number 1 in our picks for the best membership platforms is Eventcube. Eventcube Memberships is a standout component within the trio of robust systems that the software suite provides. More than just a membership database featuring streamlined payment processing, Eventcube Memberships harmoniously integrates with virtual events and ticketing systems to perfectly align with your business needs. When there's a requirement to arrange exclusive ticketed events as part of membership benefits, everything needed is readily available within this comprehensive platform.

Where Eventcube truly excels is in the realm of virtual events. The membership management platform allows you to seamlessly include extensive virtual happenings, complete with live broadcasts and networking rooms, into your membership offerings. This approach not only strengthens your revenue streams, but also enhances member engagement—creating durable bonds within your community.

For those overseeing event-driven communities—be it professional associations, gyms, or sports fan clubs—Eventcube provides an exceptional solution. However,  actions speak louder than words, so here are some of the esteemed industry leaders who've put their trust in Eventcube's software.

Middlesex Country Cricket Club
is a sporting team that uses Eventcube for its fan memberships. A quick look at the MCCC memberships page would show you a seamless integration of the Eventcube system.

New and renewing members are presented with different membership categories detailing the perks upon subscription. These include access to exclusive seating at the Lord’s Cricket Ground and priority booking for international matches. 

And that's not all - private events can  also be arranged for members where they get to rub elbows with the players; access to these events is easily arranged through Eventcube’s very own ticketing system. 

In the music space, Eventcube has partnered with War Child UK (a charity supporting children affected by war) to create a unique membership scheme that marries fundraisers with underground music.

This powerful movement is called The Right to Dance, and  offers monthly and annual subscriptions. It also comes with exclusive access to a library of tracks and mixes on top of merch discounts as well as  presales on live events, clubs, and festivals. 

So, whether you’re raising money for a sporting team or a noble cause, Eventcube is a member management software to worthy of consideration. The best part is that you’ll have a team of creatives and web developers to help you customize your membership to make it truly your own.  Why not

Why not Book a demo today to get started?

Key info Price: From 25p per member p/m
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Events-centred membership organizations
Pros + Dedicated ticketing platform
+ Can be white-labeled
+ Integrates seamlessly with Eventcube’s ticketing and virtual events products
Cons - Does not come with a built-in messaging channel between membership stakeholders
Integrations, QFlow, Stripe, MailChimp

2. WildApricot

Image source:

When it comes to membership systems, WildApricot offers a unique spin. This integrated, comprehensive platform is tailor-made to manage and boost your membership organization. It provides a secure online member database that you can effortlessly access from any device, ensuring member details are at your fingertips whenever you need them. On top of that, it features an intuitive website builder, allowing you to craft a customized, inviting membership environment that truly reflects your organization's ethos.

What sets WildApricot apart is its revenue-centric approach. This platform doesn't only assist in association member management and engagement, but it's also designed to help maximize your revenue streams. Beyond its robust email marketing capabilities and streamlined event management system, WildApricot boasts an online store feature. This allows you to leverage your membership base for upselling products and services effectively, offering members more value while enhancing your revenue simultaneously.

Whether you aim to optimize member engagement, facilitate smooth event planning, or boost your revenue, WildApricot provides a robust set of tools designed with your organization's success in mind.

Key info Price: $48/month (100 contacts)
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Works for any type of membership organisation
Pros + Comprehensive and intuitive
+ Comes with a drag-and-drop website builder and a built-in online store
+ Enables event listing and event registration
+ Has an email system for automated reminders and confirmations
Cons -Doesn’t offer networking features
- Doesn’t come with a virtual event platform to accompany its events management feature
Integrations WordPress, Integromat, Google Cloud, Microsoft

3. MemberPress

Image source:

If your business operates on a WordPress website and you're contemplating augmenting your services with a membership subscription, MemberPress emerges as an ideal membership management solution. MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that empowers your site with formidable paywalls and subscription billing systems, enabling you to manage your membership operations successfully.

MemberPress can also manage gated content, online courses, and digital downloads—a trait that perfectly aligns with WordPress, a renowned content management system powerhouse. If you are seeking to provide exclusive member-only content, offer educational courses, or facilitate digital product downloads, MemberPress can turn your WordPress site into a fully-functional membership platform.

Remember, expanding your business model to include memberships can open up new revenue channels and deepen relationships with your clients. With its easy integration, robust capabilities, and alignment with the flexibility of WordPress, MemberPress stands ready to support your venture into the realm of memberships.

Key info Price: From $179.50 per year
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Content creators; selling digital downloads and gated access to courses and video content
Pros + Allows WordPress sites to increase revenue streams
+ Comes with default no-code themes
Cons -Lacks robust networking and community management features
- Designed for content-focused memberships only
Integrations ActiveCampaign, EasyAffiliate, Elementor

4. Mighty Networks

Image source:

Next on our list of the best membership management software is Mighty Networks. Focusing on the intersection of courses and membership, Mighty Networks sets itself apart with a strong emphasis on community building. This software offers a unique, social media-esque environment that can be tailored to echo your brand's aesthetic and values.

Using an advanced membership data system, Mighty Networks enables each member to get a personalized activity feed that curates posts from the courses and groups they've joined. they'll also receive important announcements from the main community. This helps keep your members engaged and connected, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

But the features don't stop there! Mighty Networks also provides landing pages and intelligent pricing plans to meet various needs, plus an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing onboarding experience for new members. It's kind of like a Facebook Group - but on steroids! The enhanced visual appeal and the added benefit of a paywall make it an optimal choice for organizations looking to combine the interactivity of social media with the revenue generation of a membership platform.

Mighty Networks does more than just manage memberships—it creates vibrant communities that keep members engaged, involved, and coming back for more!

Key info Price: From $39 per month
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Course creators, masterclasses, and coaching programs with membership communities
Pros + Allows you to create beautiful landing pages
+ Comes with robust social networking features
+ Has engagement widgets and an onboarding checklist
+ Personalised activity feed for each member
Cons -Less emphasis on streamlining admin workflows and managing membership status
Integrations Zapier APIs

5. Glue Up

Image source:

Glue Up distinguishes itself by prioritizing customer relationship management (CRM) first. However, it offers much more than a professional website solution; it's also one of the best membership management solutions available. By marrying these two strengths,  Glue Up provides a unique approach that ensures an efficient and streamlined membership experience, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking for comprehensive solutions.

Designed with an intuitive user interface, Glue Up is built with features specifically targeting the major challenges in membership management. Its robust offerings include digital application systems for attracting new members, customizable renewal workflows for boosting retention, and dynamic networking features. These features - such as 1-on-1 chats, private groups, and media sharing capabilities - ensure that member engagement stays consistently high.

In a nutshell, Glue Up doesn't just manage memberships—it nurtures relationships. It's a comprehensive platform that not only streamlines the membership management process, but also empowers organizations to build and maintain meaningful relationships with their members. With Glue Up, you're not just adopting a membership management system, you're investing in a platform that places member relationships at the forefront.

Key info Price: Starts at $125 per month
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Membership organizations needing a software that doubles as a CRM platform
Pros + Has a comprehensive club membership management tool kit
+ Impeccable user experience
+ Easy to use
Cons -Leans on the pricey side; might not be ideal for smaller, up-and-coming membership clubs
Integrations QuickBooks, Xero, Zoom, Salesforce

6. Omnify

Image source:

Omnify is a standout online booking system specifically designed for fitness, recreational activities, and sports facilities. While its primary function is as a booking platform, it also serves as a great club member management software. Omnify offers unique membership features and a commitment to a superior user experience.

Unlike typical booking systems, Omnify empowers you to construct your own service store, where you can showcase and sell your unique classes, coaching sessions, and wellness packages around the clock, regardless of location. This functionality makes your services accessible to clients whenever they want and wherever they may be.

For clients committed to the long term, Omnify's membership feature is a game-changer. It allows you to offer membership packages and manage everything membership-related - from databases and schedules to renewals - all from one centralized location. This comprehensive feature helps you foster deeper relationships with your clients while streamlining your administrative tasks. Indeed, Omnify isn't just a booking system - it's one of the best club management software for enhancing customer engagement.

Key info Price: Starts at $39 per month
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Fitness, sports, and recreational facilities and businesses
Pros + Fully functional booking system for all your classes/facilities
+ Offers a service store to display your offers
+ Dynamic scheduling system and capacity management calendar
+ Built-in emailing function
Cons -More emphasis on booking system than club membership management
Integrations Stripe, Zapier, PayPal, RazorPay, WordPress, Poptin

7. SportMember

Image source:

Next up in our picks for the best membership management systems is SportMember. As you can guess from the name, it's an online membership management software for multisport clubs of all shapes and sizes. Understanding the nitty-gritty of running a sports club,  the growing company simplifies the process for administrators, coaches, and parents alike and encourages collaboration.

SportMember is no slouch when it comes to membership management. The member software doesn’t only provide user-friendly, automated registration, but also keeps a detailed track of membership payments - a godsend for busy sports facilities. They have features for communicating with members, too, managing multiple activity calendars, and a personalized feed for sharing event photos and gameplay statistics.

Key info Price: From £20.00 per month (plus fees)
Free Plan: Yes
Support: Email & chat
Best for Gymnastics and sports clubs
Pros + Stores member information and tracks membership status
+ Shared calendar of events
+ Dynamic scheduling system and capacity management calendar
+ Has a built-in booking feature
+ Team chat features
Cons -Limited use case (designed specifically to manage sports teams)
Integrations No information

8. SportEasy

Image source:

Continuing the theme of sports team-focused club management processes, SportEasy Club boasts a host of features that keep all your teams in line. It provides a centralized hub for all your club activities, courtesy of a shared calendar, and boosts team spirit with its integrated messaging capabilities. What sets SportEasy apart, though, is its online membership database, and easily accessible member info board. This is a one-stop area for storing members' details, creating unlimited teams, and managing membership fees.

SportEasy is designed with players, administrators, and coaches in mind, but it also acknowledges the pivotal role sponsors play in an organization. The membership club software carves out a dedicated space for up to 15 sponsors, providing them an opportunity to enhance their brand visibility. This inclusion not only recognizes the vital support sponsors provide but also opens up an additional source of club revenue beyond membership dues and renewals.

So, whether you're looking to manage team activities, boost team morale, or maximize revenue potential, SportEasy Club is a comprehensive platform that caters to every aspect of sports team management.

Key info Price: starts at €3 per member per year
Free Plan: Yes (up to 30 team members)
Support: Email & chat
Best for Sports teams and organizations
Pros + Centralised member information
+ Flexible pricing based on the number of members in your club
+ Ability create and manage unlimited teams and groups
+ Instant member registration and payment processing functionalities
Cons -Limited use case (designed specifically for sports clubs with membership fees)
Integrations No information

9. MemberClicks

Image source:

Primarily targeting chambers of commerce and professional associations, MemberClicks sets itself apart with its robust enterprise-level workflows and accounting systems. It's designed to accommodate large membership organizations, focusing on delivering valuable experiences to members through educational programs, job boards, and networking events.

Club administrators can take full advantage of its comprehensive reporting tools, which provide detailed insights into revenue tracking and engagement measurement. These tools are crucial in making informed decisions and shaping future strategies for the organization.

If sustainability in marketing is a key concern for stakeholders, MemberClicks comes equipped with a built-in email marketing tool. This feature allows organizations to keep members informed and engaged, fostering a stronger sense of community.

Ultimately, MemberClicks goes beyond simple club membership; it's a comprehensive tool that caters to the diverse needs of large organizations. From member engagement to financial tracking and sustainable marketing, MemberClicks offers a range of features to support your organization's goals.

Key info Price: On quotation
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Trade and professional associations; chambers of commerce
Pros + Advanced accounting tools
+ In-depth reporting tools
+ Additional community building functionalities through MemberClicks CommUnity
Cons -Enterprise level; may not be ideal for single chapter trade associations
Integrations No information

10. Join It

Image source:

JoinIt’s power is in its deceptive simplicity. It offers an intuitive and scalable membership management solution that takes care of repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With JoinIt, you can effortlessly establish multiple membership tiers and configure flexible payment options. It also features an automatic rebilling function that keeps your revenue flowing even when you're off the clock.

As you'd expect from a top-tier  membership club management software, JoinIt has a secure database for storing member information. This database can be accessed by authorized administrators, ensuring that crucial member data is always at your fingertips.

However, JoinIt doesn't stop at just storing member data—it allows you to better organize your members into various segments. This level of organization enables you to craft targeted email campaigns that specifically address the needs of each segment. Additionally, the platform offers assigned statuses for labeling members based on their current stage in the customer lifecycle.

All things considered, JoinIt is more than just a club membership software—it's a multifaceted platform that streamlines membership administration, enhances member engagement, and promotes smarter, data-driven decision-making.

Key info Price: Starts at $29 per month
Free Plan: No
Support: Email & chat
Best for Any membership organization that’s starting to scale
Pros + Flexible pricing
+ Comes with unlimited automations
+ Ability to create unlimited membership types or categories
Cons -3% service fee for online transactions; applied separately from monthly software subscription
- Cannot remove Join It branding until Total Package
Integrations QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Slack

11. Memberful

Image source:

Memberful isn't just a club membership management software; it's a platform for creators who want to turn their passion into a business.

Memberful has everything you need to create a membership subscription plan and accept payments in one place while effectively housing exclusive content such as podcasts and courses.

The user-friendly platform takes away the fuss of building your gated content site as it allows you to sell memberships without a domain. Although, if you're already equipped with a solid tech stack, Memberful integrates easily with various software including WordPress and Stripe. Styling capabilities are retained so you can turn the software into entirely your own brand.

What really sells lMemberful is its “optimized checkout” options. To ensure that leads don’t leak, you can choose to convert members either through one-click checkout or password-less sign-in.

Key info Price: Starts at $25 per month (Pro)
Free Plan: Available, but with a 10% fee for every transaction
Best for Creators, podcasters, independent creatives
Pros + Customisable to your brand colors and elements
+ Fast checkout experience for members
+ Free member tier is available
+ Is a content management system that effectively process payments
+ Offers volume discounts
Cons - Does not have a dedicated members-only feed unless you integrate with other community platforms
Integrations WordPress, ConvertKit, Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.

12. Membroz

Image source:

Membroz is a membership chameleon that serves different membership types - from gyms, salons, recreational centers, and associations. A generalist in the world of membership, you can tell Membroz apart from its peers by its dedication to creating an operationally flawless system. 

Automating repetitive tasks into efficient workflows, Membroz aims to ensure member satisfaction by providing promotions and discounts and keeping them informed about their membership status with reminders for upcoming renewals. The software also takes pride in its carefully designed onboarding process, turning new members' initial interactions with your business into a delightful experience.

One particularly notable feature of Membroz is its membership "freeze" and "extension" options. If a member needs to temporarily suspend their membership—for instance, due to travel—they can simply "freeze" their membership and resume it when they return. This flexibility ensures that your members can enjoy their membership benefits when it suits them, without losing out on their perks when life gets in the way.

Overall, Membroz isn't just a membership management tool—it's a thoughtful platform designed with the member experience at its core. Whether you're managing a gym, a professional association, or any other membership-based organization, Membroz offers a streamlined, flexible, and member-focused solution.

Key Info Price: Starts at $100 per month (Standard)
Free Plan: None but 14-day free trial is available
Best for Gyms, salons, medspas, associations, recreational facilities
Pros + Membership onboarding and retention-focused
+ Lets you set up workflows for repetitive tasks
+ Has "freeze" and "unfreeze" features for memberships
+ Integrates well with point-of-sale systems
Cons - Unable to run marketing campaigns at the Standard tier
- Requires an upgrade to unlock event management features
Integrations POS Terminal, QR Scanning, Twilio

13. GrowthZone

Image source:

What sets GrowthZone apart from its competitors is its tailored approach toward serving the "associations" market. in fact, few platforms can hold a candle to growthzone when it comes to association membership management specifically. Associations, by nature, are professional communities that exchange research and best practices to drive innovation across businesses and industries. As such, they often have large member volumes, and managing their memberships can be a complex task.

Enter GrowthZone—a membership management software packed with comprehensive tools designed specifically to handle the unique demands of association memberships. It empowers you to create multiple membership types for both individual and business entity members.

While it's a given that GrowthZone keeps a secure record of dues and member information, one feature that clients particularly appreciate is its fully customizable online intake forms. These forms link directly to an all-inclusive admin page, where you can easily accept or decline applications. This automation means your membership can continue to grow even while you're not actively managing it.

So, if you're searching for a membership management software that is custom-built for the needs of associations and can facilitate seamless growth, GrowthZone could be the ideal match for you.

Key info Price: Starts at $259 per month (Standard)
Free Plan: None
Best for Professional associations, chambers of commerce
Pros + Offers memberships for individuals and business
+ Secure database
+ Allows you to create online application forms
+ Easy applicant vetting system
Cons - Underdeveloped event management features
Integrations Stripe, MailChimp, Zapier, QuickBooks, Authorize.Net

14. Association Anywhere

Image source:

Association Anywhere, much like GrowthZone, specializes in serving professional associations, but it doesn't stop at mere membership management. It strives to deliver a more comprehensive solution by studying the day-to-day operations of an association and integrating functionalities to cater to these specific needs.

For instance, Association Anywhere's platform not only manages memberships but also serves as an event management system and an e-commerce platform. Additionally, it acts as a credentialing tool for members seeking to enhance their skills through the association's own accreditation programs.

The features don't end there. The association membership management software also includes capabilities for conducting fundraisers and collecting contributions. When it comes to data analysis, the platform provides you with over 200 standard reports to help you understand your performance better and share insights with your team.

Association Anywhere goes beyond the typical boundaries of ordinary association membership software, offering a multi-functional tool that caters to the complex and diverse needs of professional associations. Whether you need event management, e-commerce, credentialing, or fundraising capabilities, Association Anywhere provides an all-in-one platform to support your association's mission.

Key info Price: On request
Free Plan: None
Best for Professional associations
Pros + Offers meeting & event management features
+ Has built-in systems for e-commerce, fundraisers, member credentialing
+ Has over 30 self-service membership features that decentralize admin work
+ Automated online member application system
Cons - Built-in systems are designed as stackable productivity modules. This may have budget implications
Integrations Doesn't say

When it comes to club membership software, the world is your oyster!

And there you have it! These are 14 of the top-notch club membership management software options on the market to empower your business. Making the right investment in these tools can significantly contribute to the success and growth of your membership community.

However, as with any commitment, your choice must be guided by the specific needs of your organization. This is because software often marketed for a specific industry will contain features tailored to meet a broad range of use cases within that niche.

Take, for example, memberships that heavily rely on providing exclusive virtual and in-person experiences. In such a case, Eventcube can anticipate the need for hidden ticket tiers exclusive to members or offered at a special discount. And that's just one facet of the vast realm of ticketed events and gated content.

If this is what you require at this moment, we encourage you not to hesitate and book a demo with us. We're here to help you explore a universe of opportunities and possibilities.

Disclaimer: The reviews on this blog represent the independent opinions of our writers and are for educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Pricing information is accurate as of the time of writing, based on the public pricing pages of the reviewed products; however, prices are subject to change by the product owners. We recommend checking the companies’ websites for the latest pricing.

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