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How to produce and stream a live webinar

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Like live streaming, webinars have been around for a long time and have rapidly become an essential tool for marketing, educators, businesses and more. Given recent events, we have seen a significant increase in demand for online solutions.

Like live streaming, webinars have been around for a long time and have rapidly become an essential tool for marketing, educators, businesses and more. Given recent events, we have seen a significant increase in demand for online solutions.

So what are Webinars? A webinar is a virtual event or meeting that is hosted online. Usually hosted on a webinar software in real time, they connect viewers from across the globe for educational or instructional purposes through the use of audio and/or visual communication from speaker to audience. A webinar provides the audience with an opportunity to learn, the same as you would with a live event, allowing the speaker and attendees to share knowledge and ideas at any given time.

So what are the features of a Webinar?

Not only can speakers share their video to host a presentation and chat to their audience like you would in a seminar, you can also incorporate other interactive features such as white boards, real time polls and surveys, desktop sharing and recording.

There are many possibilities and webinars are a great way to connect teachers and students.

Advantages of using webinars

  • Webinars are easy and convenient for both attendees and hosts.
  • Host any time, anywhere .
  • You can join from the comfort of your own home, office or on the move.
  • No upfront costs for physical venue hire and set up.
  • Highly interactive for marketing and team building purposes.
  • Connect with the use of a single URL for internal and external team meetings, even if employees don't have matching software.
  • Rapidly connect with your audience.

What equipment do you need for a successful webinar?

  • As a host, you do not require specialised equipment, all you need is to have a good microphone and webcam/camera, a stable internet connection and a reliable webinar hosting software.
  • A list of contacts in your database to send out invites.
  • For attendees, an internet connection on a mobile/tablet/desktop device.

What can webinars be used for ?


If you're a teacher and you are currently unable to attend your institution, webinars are a really effective way to connect you to your students. In order to run an educational webinar, we recommend that you are well prepared in advance with the use of sliders, whiteboards and interactive elements such as polls and Q&A with your students. Take full advantage of the services available to you to engage your audience.

User onboarding

If your company is offering services such as software or subscriptions, webinars can be very beneficial. You can use screen share to guide your employees or newcomers to your system you are trying to promote to gain new clients. It's a personable and effective way to demonstrate your product in-situ and welcome new members.

Employee Training

Webinars can help you with team meetings, training employees and getting everyone in a room together without having to relocate. If your team is remote or large, this is a cost effective and efficient solution. As the host you're also on hand to answer any questions and explain how things work. For personal feedback you also have the ability to follow up your employees with surveys.

Customer Retention

Hosting webinars may attract a new audience, but it's also a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Personal connection built through webinars can keep your audience coming back - it's also a great way for your clients to ask important questions and make you more approachable through visual and audio.


Webinars can be a great way to showcase your new product and draw more attention. Video content generates on average, 12 times more engagement than text and images. Always bear this in mind for your next campaign.

Find out how Eventcube can help host your live webinar by contacting us or requesting a demo now.

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