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How to Create an Event on Facebook Business Page

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Organizing an event can feel overwhelming, but promoting it doesn't have to be. Facebook Events offers a user-friendly platform to reach a broad audience and manage everything in one place. This guide will walk you through creating a Facebook Event, explaining the different features, and highlighting the benefits of promoting your event this way.

Create an Event on a Facebook Business Page

A screenshot of a Facebook business page

Step 1. Head over to your Facebook Business Page.

Step 2. Look below your cover photo and find the "More" dropdown menu. Click on it.

Step 3. Select "Events" from the options.

Step 4. This will take you to your profile's Events page. Just click the "Create Event" button to get started.

Step 5. A pop-up window will appear where you can add all your event details. Fill it out completely.

A screenshot of the events section of a Facebook business page

Step 6. Don't miss the additional settings at the bottom of the pop-up. Here's where you can tailor your event to reach the perfect audience:

  • Market your event: Categorize your event so it gets displayed alongside similar upcoming events, maximizing visibility.
  • Add co-hosts: Working with someone? Tag them as co-hosts for a collaborative effort.
  • Add tickets: Selling tickets online? Simply paste the URL from your ticketing platform (Eventbrite, Eventcube, etc.) here.
  • Repeat event: Scheduling a recurring event? This option is your friend!
  • Communication settings: For advanced management options, explore the communication settings.
A screenshot of an event pop-up on Facebook for creating a new event
A screenshot of the communication settings under the 'create an event' pop-up

Step 7. Once you've filled in all the details and customized the settings, click "Create Event" and you're all set!

How to Create a Facebook Event from your Personal Profile

Facebook events extend beyond just Facebook business pages. Regular users can also use this tool to organize intimate community events for their friends and family. While many associate Facebook events with formal or organizational gatherings, they are equally suitable for informal one-off gatherings that deserve some attention.

Creating a Facebook event allows you to easily share details, invite guests, and generate excitement around your gathering. Whether it's a small birthday celebration or a casual get-together,  Facebook events can help streamline the planning process and ensure everyone stays informed about the event details.

Step 1. Go to your homepage.

Step 2. On the left sidebar, click the down-pointing arrow that says "see more".

Step 3. Then select Events from the tab.

A screenshot of the left sidebar on the Facebook homepage

Step 4. You will be redirected to an event discovery page. Click the Create New Event button.

A screenshot of the 'discover events' page on Facebook

Step 5. An event pop-up will appear. Add an eye-catching event photo or GIF that reflects your event's theme.

A screenshot of the pop-up that lets you create an event on your personal profile

Step 6. Craft a catchy event name and provide essential event information like date, time, and physical location (if applicable). Choose "Online Event" or "In-Person Event" depending on your event type and don't forget to tag the location or attach an external link to your ticketing page.

Step 8. Decide if your event will be "Public" (visible to everyone) or "Private" (by invitation only). You may also keep it exclusive so only people whom you're friends with can see it.

A screenshot of the privacy settings on the 'create an event' Facebook pop-up

Step 9. Write a description. Highlight your event's purpose, activities, and special guests. Use engaging language and include any additional details or instructions.

Step 10. Review everything for accuracy. Once satisfied, click "Create" or "Publish" to share your event with your followers and the world!

Understanding Facebook Events

Facebook events are powerful tools that go beyond just creating a simple page. Let's explore how they can become a hub for promoting and managing your event effectively.

Event Discovery

Facebook automatically categorizes events based on type and location. This means your event automatically gets shown to people who have already attended similar events in the past. Imagine you're organizing a Fun Run. Facebook will show your event to people active in running groups, significantly increasing the chances of attracting real athletes actively searching for the next race.

How Facebook categorizes your event for better discoverability

Building a Community

Facebook event pages offer more than just a place to list your event's details. They function like a community hub where potential attendees can discuss the event, ask questions, and connect with each other. This creates a space for them to get excited and prepare for the event together. As an event organizer, you can leverage this space to share updates and announcements directly with your audience, fostering a more engaging experience. Think of it as a two-way street where you can provide information and get feedback from interested attendees.

An example of a Facebook event page

Leveraging Social Proof

You can reach new audiences beyond those familiar with your event or organization. When someone marks themselves as "interested" in your event, it appears on their friends' news feeds. This is like a micro-influencer recommendation, spreading awareness about your event to a broader network with just a single click. This can be a great way to attract new attendees who might not have heard of you before but whose friends' interest piques their curiosity.

Facebook users who see your event listing can directly invite their friends with just a click, thanks to features like auto-suggested invite lists. This makes the RSVP process incredibly smooth, turning passive interest sparked by friends' activity into confirmed attendance.

An example of how guest RSVP to an event on Facebook

Types of Facebook Events: Public vs. Private

The visibility you choose for your event depends on its nature and your desired audience. Public events are visible to everyone on or off Facebook, making them ideal for conferences, concerts, or community gatherings seeking a larger audience. Private facebook events, on the other hand, are only visible to invited guests, perfect for exclusive gatherings, personal celebrations, or events with a limited guest list.

Here is a comparison between public and private events:

Feature Public Event Private Event
Visibility Visible to anyone on or off Facebook Visible only to invited guests
Discoverability Discoverable through search Hidden from public search
Suitability Suitable for events open to the general public Ideal for exclusive gatherings or events with a limited guest list
Sharing Sharable on social media and email Invitation-based sharing with the option to invite friends
Interaction Allows for public discussion and interaction Encourages private conversations between guests

What to Prepare for Your Facebook Event

To create a Facebook event, you will need a Facebook account. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for free on the Facebook website or download the app on your mobile device.

If you're creating an event from your Facebook business page, make sure you are logged in as the account admin. This will give you full control over the event and allow you to manage it effectively. Using a browser or the Facebook app for creating and managing events is also recommended, as these platforms provide a better user experience and access to all the necessary features.

How to Promote Your Facebook Event

Invite your friends

Facebook Events makes it easy to spread the word with built-in sharing features. You can directly invite up to 500 of your Facebook friends via Messenger. Even better, Facebook helps you target the right people by suggesting friends who share similar interests, are located nearby, or have attended events you've hosted or participated in before. This way, you can connect with a relevant audience without starting from scratch.

A demonstration of how to promote an event by inviting your Facebook friends or followers directly

Let friends bring friends

When your friends mark themselves as "Going" to your event, they become automatic hype machines. They can invite others from their network, spreading the word and building excitement. Plus, Facebook helps them stay organized by adding the event directly to their calendars.

This two-pronged approach – easy invitations and built-in reminders – transforms Facebook Events from a simple announcement board to a powerful tool for fostering active participation. It's the perfect platform to turn your event from a passive experience into a bustling get-together!

Share your event everywhere

See that handy arrow button? That's your key to unleashing a treasure trove of ways to get the word out about your event!

Direct links to your event page make it a breeze for people to jump right in. A splashy post on your timeline can spread the buzz among your followers. You can tag your friends to nudge them to join the fun and encourage them to invite their network, expanding your reach organically. Find groups or pages where your target audience gathers and share your event there – but remember, sharing savvy is key! Don't go overboard and turn into a spammer.

The multiple ways you can share an event to your desired audience

Create Facebook Ads for your event

Imagine reaching a targeted audience of people who would genuinely be interested in your event, not just anyone scrolling through their feed. Facebook Ads allow you to do exactly that by creating eye-catching ads and leveraging clever targeting options; you can ensure your event reaches the right people. Plus, Facebook tracks results so you can see what's working and fine-tune your approach. In short, Facebook Ads are a powerful tool to boost attendance, generate excitement, and make your event successful.

How to Manage Your Facebook Events

Your event is live and the RSVPs are rolling in! Facebook Events helps you stay on top now that you've generated interest. Tracking your guest list is crucial – it helps with crowd control, choosing the right venue size, and gauging overall interest. But keeping the excitement alive is just as important!

Use Facebook Events to post regular updates, answer questions, and prepare your guests for the big day. The "Hosting" section is an organizer's dream – it centralizes all your upcoming and past events, keeping you organized and in control. With these features at your fingertips, you can ensure a smooth and successful event experience for everyone involved.

How to manage Facebook events

Facebook Events gives you total control over your guest list. You can easily view who's attending, who's declined and even filter by those interested. You can also send personalized messages to individual guests or create a dedicated group chat for more streamlined and private communication with your attendees.

How to manage your Facebook event guestlist


Facebook Events is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and promoting your brand. The guide above equips you with the essentials to plan, organize, and run successful events on Facebook. Now that you understand the key strategies like promotion techniques and audience engagement, you can make your events shine.

Get familiar with the unique features of Facebook Events. Don't forget the power of inviting guests and interacting with attendees before, during, and after the event – it all adds to a bigger impact. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to hosting unforgettable events and building a thriving community on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my event after publishing it?

To edit your event after pushing it live, visit your event page and click the "Edit" button. From there, you can update any details that need a refresh, like the event name, date, time, or description. Remember to hit "Save" to finalize your changes!

Can I cancel or delete an event?

Sometimes plans change, and that's okay. Head to your event page, go to the event settings by clicking the three-dot icon (...), and select "Cancel Event" or "Delete Event". You can choose to notify attendees about the cancellation at this point.

How do I make an event shareable on Facebook?

To make an event shareable on Facebook, go to the event page and click on the three dots (…) next to the event name. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit Privacy." In the privacy settings, choose the option to share the event publicly or with specific groups. Save your changes to make the event shareable.

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