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How to get the most out of production tools when hosting a virtual event.

In toda۪y's ever changing environment, the ability to produce a virtual event is not only a great alternative, but now an integral part of the modern age. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to amend and enhance their events programs, with many of these producers turning to the internet as a means of continuing to operate their businesses or as a way to help others. At Eventcube, our newly implemented ticketed live streaming solution is able to assist your business and help get your virtual events up and running.

There are a variety of considerations to take into account when approaching the virtual world. The way you direct, produce and format your live stream is crucial, as is selecting a platform that benefits your event and will help build immersive audience opportunities for your new venture. For example, integrated screen sharing is an essential feature for seminars and conferences. Today's natural progression goes from a live event to a digital one, and this article can give you some ideas to help you adapt.

Since the pandemic which has resulted in unprecedented amounts of cancellations across the globe, internet use has increased by 70% worldwide which has naturally led everyone to the virtual world. Live streaming concerts have resulted in listening and viewing spikes on various platforms such as Spotify and YouTube which helps companies in the meantime. You can still continue as originally planned from the comfort of your own home, aka Ticketing for Planet Earth; making physicality less important and the virtual experience better..

Live streaming an event is a relatively new experience for businesses, employees and audiences so it can be difficult to pinpoint where to start. You may question if you're going to benefit from live streaming, but through online events, your audience size instantly increases as your event can now be accessed anywhere at any time. Considerations as to why users are attending your physical event in the first place is priority. Key content for your event creation is imperative to finding a channel that suits your requirements in marketing and delivery.

YouTube: Good for music, tutorials and target reach as it's the most popular and accessible

Zoom: Good for conferences, lectures and group calls

Vimeo: Good for high quality videos and artistic creatives

Twitch: Good for gaming and connecting with your audience

Facebook: Good for engaging with friends already in your community

Design your event branding to make it appealing and welcoming will help gain traction and keep your audience engaged. How does your event look to your audience? Do you overlay your streams with some graphic identity? What works for your brand? Is your audience watching on mobile? How should you stream your live event? Does real time, pre-recordings, live playback or broadcast work best for you? What keeps your audience engaged? This can be through the use of a live chat-room, which we can also customly integrate for you on Eventcube, if your streaming platform doesn't support this. Interactive Q&As are also a great way to have some audience / organiser connection.

Once you have answered the above questions and decided on your platform, you will be well on your way to getting your stream live.

As watching an event at home won't be the same as viewing it in person, there are some extra key points to consider when creating your live streams:

  • Long streams may result in a unengaged audience
  • If you're streaming a presentation, try to keep them short, sweet and as engaging as possible. The same with Q&A's.
  • Content structure - Make sure you stick to the plan and create an engaging program for your stream
  • Music streams are obviously have an exception to the above, but live chats for added engagement can help keep the audience unified
  • Enhanced social sharing functionality before and during your event, so your audience can involve their friends and family which will extend your reach

Bringing your event to life online will give your brand more identity in the virtual world and help you achieve your full potential. Event promotion is also essential, as you want people to tune in after all. Social handles, targeted emails and sharing your stream is going live in 48 hours helps. Think of it like a TV series, regular stream scheduling will make sure your streams stay fresh in your audience's minds.

Live stream events are only the beginning.

Your Guide To Creating An Online Event on Eventcube

Now you have all the knowledge of how to host your online event and impress your audience, let's explore how to put these skills into practice. Elevate your business and start selling tickets for your live streaming event on Eventcube in three easy steps.

  • Set up your fully customisable Eventcube store.
  • Set up an account on your streaming platform of choice, and link to your Eventcube event page to establish your event and start selling tickets!
  • Create your virtual event.

With Eventcube, setting up a live streaming event is just as easy as setting up a regular event. Create your event as normal with details and imagery, just make sure the Live streaming event is toggled on under the Details page.

After your event has been created, it's time to add your tickets and set your pricing. The choice is completely up to you, and remember, at Eventcube you keep 100% of your booking fee.

Once you've finished setting up your tickets, the Live Stream section will now appear on your event page below Administrate. Here is where you will insert your live stream with an embed code from your chosen streaming platform. Copy, paste, save and you're ready to go! As easy as that. To support your live stream further, you also have the flexibility to add additional iframe content, chat windows and adverts are amongst the popular choices here.

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