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5 Ways Ticket Sellers Benefit from Invoiced Payments

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Bridging the gap in business-to-business ticketing and expanding ticket sellers’ multi-buy and multi-sell capacity, Eventcube releases its first ever pay-by-invoice feature. An addition to the platform’s diverse payment channels, pay-by-invoice aims to improve the ticketing experience of conference organisers by allowing them to sell tickets directly to businesses instead of individuals.

Conferences attract hundreds of delegates and many of them come from the same companies. It’s not uncommon for organisations to sponsor a handful of delegates to attend multi-day events. It’s even considered an incentive for some employees, otherwise, it’s to cover more ground in terms of industry research and networking.

Given the nature of massively funded conferences, it’s easier for organisers to sell tickets directly to participating organisations rather than its attending crew. And what would make this easier is if such exchange could be paid via invoice where ticket sellers can improve their multibuy and multisell capacity on top of simplifying big businesses’ ticketing experience. 

Bridging this gap in our well-loved ticketing software, Eventcube releases a new feature where organisers of corporate conferences and conventions can now offer invoice payments as an official payment channel. Pay-by-invoice is a perfect opportunity to directly sell multiple tickets to companies, completely saving them from the painstaking process of reconciling individual tickets for reimbursements or the inconvenience of multiple transactions altogether.

Here are more reasons why you should consider paying by invoice:

#1 Invoice is billed directly to companies.

This means that you’d be paid on time and in bulk rather than sporadically. Ticket sales would also be more predictable as store owners can estimate the average number of tickets they could sell to companies of every size and industry.

Companies are able to take full advantage of discounts and promotions, too when buying in bulk. 

#2 Full control over payment terms and deadlines. 

Pay-by-invoice supports store owners’ existing payment terms, which means that you have full control over when, how, and how much you get paid. Orders created through pay-by-invoice transactions are also manually updated by store owners. This helps you keep track of queued invoices and release event tickets as soon as payments are settled.

#3 Less customer support.

Because multiple attendees can be covered by a single invoice, there is less need to answer ticketing queries from different sources. Attendees are likely checking in to the event in groups too making registration as friction-less as possible.

#4 Compliments your direct-to-business marketing efforts.

When reaching out to companies with limited offers, group discounts, and exclusive ticket deals, your invoice can indicate the offer at the time of its effectivity, alongside other perks and add-ons. 

#5 Improves tracking of available seats/tickets. 

Invoice payments provide insight on who your biggest clients are. This can help you plan your next event’s inventory and allocate more seats to high-volume ticket buyers.

Companies have a more formal approach to purchasing and event tickets are not an exemption. It’s essential for ticket sellers to broaden their multisell capabilities to cater to various accounting requirements and Eventcube’s new pay-by-invoice feature is exactly what you need to fully serve the growing B2B conference market.