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Eventcube collaborates with TBI Media & TikTok on Virtual Festival

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In recent months the social media giant TikTok has hosted a number of exclusive online concerts and virtual events.

In recent months the social media giant TikTok has hosted a number of exclusive online concerts and virtual events.

Last Friday marked the first showcase of a new virtual collaboration between TikTok, TBI Media and Eventcube in which over a thousand viewers tuned in to chat and watch performances by the likes of Aitch, GRACEY, RAYE, Wild Youth, 220 Kid, Brandom Baum, Jessica Bakes and Arben Giga. The event was hosted exclusively for Tik Tok staff across Europe.

TikTok's 'Virtual Festival' was a resounding success and marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of live event streaming. Powered by Eventcube's virtual event tools, guests discussed latest trends in real time via virtual chat, watched key performances and connected with fellow viewers who tuned in from countries worldwide.

The 'Virtual Festival' also featured live interviews, musical performances and more across several hours of Friday entertainment which went off with a bang and was described by the production team, TBI Media, as follows:

"We were delighted with how the show went and we have very happy clients. Thank you again for being involved and working with us to create a brilliant event, the platform was flawless and you made the process so easy for us."

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