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Recurring Payments

Fully customisable tiers, prices and plans

We provide complete control over different membership types. Assign different benefits, prices or plans to membership tiers with the option to set up seasons with custom price points and allow automatic or manual renewals and upgrades.

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Build recurring revenue with comprehensive payment options

Easily setup and create incredible experiences for memberships by providing a powerful online portal. Offer comprehensive payment options such as direct debits, multi year passes, showcase exclusive member content and discounted ticketing with Eventcube’s membership system

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Ensure high retention rates with automatic direct debits and annual subscriptions

Build and manage unlimited membership types, create multiple seasons and offer a wide range of payment options including recurring payments and direct debit. Eventcube's solution is designed to be readily adapted to an organisation and allows customisation of most aspects of the system.

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Offer members-only exclusive content

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