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Fair Usage Policy for Customer Support and Service

Please read the below carefully

Eventcube Online Customer Support and Service ‘Fair Use Policy' (FUP)


As part of our commitment to providing excellent quality and reliable service, Eventcube has a Fair Usage Policy as part of its paid Customer Service product. The Fair Usage Policy contains usage guidelines for customers using Eventcube for customer service solutions.

Whilst we always strive to provide the best and most equitable level of customer service to all of our customers, we have an obligation to ensure that all customers who pay for Customer Support receive the best possible service at all times.

Does the FUP policy apply to me?

Eventcube offers Online Customer Service and Support to customers who elect to subscribe to the service. If you have signed up for this service then this FUP applies to you. We have designed this policy to ensure that all customers who are paying for the service are treated equally and get a fair amount of our time and focus for themselves and their customers.

Overview of paid support options


Once you have enrolled in the service we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements and expectations but generally, our service includes the following.

  • 24-hour response time (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) for informational support via email for your customers
  • Pre-event customer ticket administration
  • Name changes
  • Order modification (reductions or additions)
  • Cancellations
  • Individual Refunds
  • Chargeback management
  • Event cancellation refund procedures

We also offer bespoke customer service programmes tailored to your specific requirements. The specific service level agreements, guarantees and costs will be agreed and contracted separately to this document.

What are the FUP limits?

Eventcube reserves the right to limit the time our support team spend on support queries with any customer who is deemed to be taking advantage of this service.

Events that require customer service or support for 5% or greater than the total number of tickets sold for that specific event will be deemed to have exceeded our fair usage policy and we may contact you to arrange any additional support requirements.

If you repeatedly go over this limit without making an arrangement for additional support we will continue to provide your customers support, however, we will charge you at our prevailing rate for standard customer service which will be added to your subscription or deducted directly from any fees.

Currently, our charge for standard online customer support and service is $85.00 per hour (or any part thereof) and for free events, we charge £1 / $1 per ticket solved. We reserve the right to revise these prices at any point for any reason.

What else is covered

Event Cancelation

If an event is cancelled we will process refunds within 10 days - dependant on available funds in the event organiser’s account - unless otherwise instructed by yourself, the event organiser.


We always present any evidence provided by yourself and our systems to dispute any contested charges.

Eventcube will submit evidence of transactions along with IP addresses, where the transaction originated from, click counts and any other supporting evidence.

Eventcube will not be held responsible for any financial loss from losing chargebacks and the event organiser will remain solely responsible for the cost of the chargeback.


While we have crafted this to cover most situations - there may be situations which arise which fall outside of this policy and Eventcube retain the right to revise, amend, change, or suspend this policy at any time for any reason. Right - anyone up for a cuppa?

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