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No ordinary event

Your event isn’t ordinary, neither is Eventcube

No Ordinary Story

Amidst the backdrop of London Town, founders Wil and Kieran met through chance and a mutual love for bad records - and we mean, bad. Formed as an escape from the day job, they were looking for a chance to start afresh.

As burgeoning socialites and promoters the dynamic duo became tired with their respective roles in advertising and events management. It was time for something new, something better.

Founders Wil and Kieran met in 2010 - music, boat parties and a shared goal became the foundation of their partnership.

No Ordinary Solution

Frustrated with their current ticketing system the pair had become fed up with underperforming, expensive software which lacked personality and delivered a crappy customer experience. Kieran and Wil knew that they could do better and after drinking lots of tea…

Ta-dah! Eventcube was born!

With a little help from the Arts Council’s Creative Industry Finance scheme our beloved duo designed and built the very software you are using today. Packed with innovation and special features Eventcube has whipped up a storm. An industry leading, multi-purpose platform with a friendly face and trusty tools - we know that there is never an ordinary event.

Understanding what makes event organisers tick is key to the evolution of Eventcube.

No Ordinary Vision

Eventcube remains proudly independent and 100% founder owned. Ever committed to becoming the leading supplier in forward thinking ticketing solutions across America and Great Britain, we’ve only just begun.

Trusted by thousands worldwide - from big to small, customers to venues, promoters to companies; our ticketing is friendly and unique - much like us, much like you and much like your event.

Eventcube remains 100% founder-owned and dedicated to become the leading supplier of event ticketing solutions.

Every evolution and iteration of the Eventcube platform is a refinement of our values and one step further to our providing the ultimate SaaS ticketing platform and to realising our vision…

No ordinary event

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We strive to make Eventcube a fun, free thinking place to work. An inclusive company culture sustains a creative workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Our staff are the life and soul behind our business… We offer every opportunity to support our employees in both their professional and personal needs - providing them with endless opportunities for development and self expression.

We are always on the look out for new creatives, artists, techies and misfits so why not get in touch? Come and join our team!

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