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Using tech to persevere during Covid-19 Outbreak

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The Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak has hada unique impact on all of us as ticket sellers, promoters and event organisers. For many of us that have events scheduled in the coming weeks and months, we have had to make the heart-breaking decision to either postpone or cancel. For some of us, the decision has been taken out of our hands by local and national authorities.

For many organisers we have spoken to the decision to cancel or postpone means not only the loss of revenue but also missing out on the opportunity to share your content with your attendees. Add to this the worry of whether speakers and talent will be able to be rebooked and if postponement means the impact of the content is lost rendering the event meaningless.

At Eventcube we have been helping several organisations to continue with their events but reformatted as live streaming or virtual. Utilising Eventcube and with platforms such as Zoom Video Conferencing, BlueJeans and Twitch you are still able to sell tickets, host your event and get your content to your attendees and ticket purchasers.

No doubt the impact from the Corona Virus will continue to be felt for months to come however we as an industry and community can do what we do best which is adapt, improvise and overcome using technology to help us move forward.

If you would like to find out more about this click here and a member of the team would be happy to speak with you.

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