30 Places To Promote Your Event For Free (2020 Update)

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All successful event planners know that no matter how well you plan the D-day, that alone can’t guarantee a sell-out. For it to become the talk of the town, it’s all about finding creative ways to promote your event far and wide. But huge billboards and newspaper ads can often cost a fortune and are impractical if you’re on a tight budget.

Well, we’ve got good news for you.

To help make your next physical or virtual event a sell-out success, here’s a list of 30 places to promote your event for free!

Whether you’re planning a webinar, a concert, a conference or anything else, these ideas will help you get noticed by all the right people.

These tricks are creative, impactful, and help you target all the places where your potential attendees spend their time.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on traditional media to promote your event. With the explosion of social media and other channels, it’s possible to sell out your show or event for free, simply by being a little creative and going off the beaten path. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.


Here are 30 places to promote your event for free:

  • Event Discovery Websites
  • Create a Facebook Group
  • Enlist Co-Hosts & Other FB Groups
  • Make Event Google-Search Friendly
  • Pinterest
  • Free Social Media Ticket Giveaway
  • Targeted Whatsapp Broadcasts
  • Twitter Influencers
  • Insta Stories with Hashtags
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Custom Email Signature Banner
  • Youtube
  • Video Testimonials by Speakers/Participants
  • Create a Podcast/ Do a Guest Podcast
  • Air Bnb Hosts
  • Instagram Live Interviews
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Turn Attendees Into Ambassadors
  • Rope in Social Influencers
  • Social Media Stories
  • Snapchat Geofilters
  • Emails Offering Referral/ Group Discounts
  • Networking at Similar Events
  • Invite Noted Journalists For Coverage
  • Guest Blog on Other Relevant Pages
  • Speakers’/Attendees’ Social Media
  • Twitter/Insta Takeovers
  • Standees/ Posters at Venue
  • Partner With Local Businesses

1. Event Discovery Websites

A lot of people have begun relying on online event guides to decide which online/offline event to attend next. Some of these popular event discovery websites let you list your event completely for free. Check out sites like yelp, eventful, eventcrazy, eventseeker, allconferences, youreventfree and bandsintown.

2. Create a Facebook Group

Creating a custom facebook group for your event is a great way to drum up interest, and encourage attendees to interact and stay engaged. Invite your friends to the group and encourage them to do the same. Post pictures, videos and interesting aspects of the event in the weeks leading up to it to whet their appetites even more.

3. Enlist Co-Hosts & Other FB Groups

Another powerful thing you can do on Facebook is to enlist key people and like-minded FB groups as co-hosts of your FB event page. This allows them to list your event on their own profiles and spread the word further. For eg., if you’re hosting a rock band’s online/offline gig, lookout for groups consisting of rock music lovers.


4. Make Your Event SEO Friendly

If you want your event to pop up every time anyone searches for ‘events near me’ on Google, then use the right SEO keywords in your online event pages and promotional material. Use Google’s Adword planner and keyword tools like this to look up the most relevant keywords to include.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest users are planners, and they’d love to know about your event well ahead of time. About 75% of pins are saved by users 1-2 months before an event, and 25% even pin it with 2-4 months to go! Make sure to brand your pinterest page properly, with beautiful photos of the venues, line-up, schedule, and other behind the scenes snippets. And don’t forget to use the right SEO keywords to attract the right target crowd.

6. Do A Free Ticket Giveaway On Social Media

Plan a free ticket giveaway ahead of your event on social media, asking people to tag their friends, repost your stories and posts to qualify. This will go a long way in generating heavy pre-event buzz.

7. Targeted Whatsapp Broadcast

Create an eye-catching event graphic for a Whatsapp broadcast, and share it with potential attendees on your contact list. But be careful not to spam unnecessarily. Create a targeted broadcast list, and share no more than one ‘save the date’ message, and another post closer to the event date. Don’t forget to include the ticket link with the message!

8. Twitter Influencers

Use your event’s twitter page to spread the word, and tag influencers that are relevant to your theme, especially if it’s for a noble cause. If they retweet the event to their followers, you get free publicity.


9. Instagram Stories With Hashtags

By using the right hashtags, your stories can even be seen by people who don’t even follow you. Share your event creative, schedule and other details on your insta stories by using the relevant hashtags to reach a bigger audience.

10. Linkedin Groups

If you’re hosting a business or networking event, then LinkedIn is THE place to promote it. Aside from posting about your event on your own page, share the details on relevant LinkedIn groups as well. Don’t forget to share the sign-up/ticketing link.

11. Spotify Playlists

Planning a music/cultural event? Compile a Spotify public playlist showcasing your line-up’s repertoire! Also mention the event details in the bio, so that people are encouraged to sign up. Spotify’s algorithm can help you reach not only your line-up’s followers, but new listeners as well.

12. Custom Email Signature Banner

Creating a custom email signature is a nifty little way of reinforcing your event’s details into the recipient’s mind. Make sure to add the event date, time and ticket link details in the banner. Ask everyone in your team to adopt that signature till the D day.

13. Use Your Existing YouTube Channel

Use your Youtube channel to share quick and fun video teasers of the event. Make sure you use the right tags, write a catchy title and an engaging video description with all details of your event.

14. Get Video Testimonials from Speakers/Participants (They will likely share it)

Video shout outs add a powerful and personal touch to your promotion plan. These shout outs can be shared both on the event page as well as by the participating speakers/participants on their own profiles. Ensure that the shout out includes key details like the event date, time, ticketing details etc.


15. Create Podcasts/ Do a Guest Podcast

With over3.2 million weekly active podcast listeners in the UK alone, they are a fantastic way to promote your event to a brand new audience. Setup a channel and share podcasts about your event’s story, background, speakers, and more.

Also, get in touch with an influential past attendee/participant and do a guest podcast on their channel. This will also add credibility to your event, as well as promote it to their listeners.

16. Contact Air BnB Hosts

Planning a local offline event/flea market/gig? Get in touch with local AirbnB hosts, and share posters/flyers and request them to spread the word to any guests that check in around the event date. This will benefit everyone and also help the hosts offer a more culturally rich experience to their guests.

17. Instagram Live Interviews

Instagram live interviews are a great way to engage with a new audience and spread the word about your event. You could request Instagram pages and influencers that list local events, and speak to them about your event’s philosophy, story and more.

18. Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing can be very effective, but only if you use it correctly. Instead of spamming your entire list, take time out to segment your subscriber list according to their interests, geography and demographics. Once you have narrowed it down, create a short, informative and creative event mailer with the sign up link right in there.


19. Turn Attendees Into Ambassadors

You can turn your attendees into your event ambassadors with some easy tricks. Send them a custom event cover photo and event badge with their name on it, and encourage them to post it, along with other event details. This will not only make them more emotionally invested into the event, but also attract the attention of their network.

20. Rope In Social Influencers

If your event is around a noble cause, then you have a shot at roping in big influencers in your field to do a shout out on their page. Maybe a post, or even a story can make a difference.

21. Social Media Stories

Use all your social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest - to share teaser stories that cover different aspects of your event. This will help create a buzz even before you announce the event’s concrete details.

22. Snapchat Geofilters

With 144 million users, Snapchat is the place to lure millennials to your event. It has a fantastic feature to help promote local events. You can create a Snapchat geofilter - that overlays graphics on the image. With this simple trick, you can interact with potential attendees in a fun yet informational way.

23. Emails Offering Referral/Group Discounts

Amplify the power of your mailing list by inviting them to tell their friends about your event, and offering a referral discount if any of them purchase a ticket. You can also offer group discounts for bulk ticket bookings.

24. Networking at Similar Events

It helps to know what the competition is up to. Keep an eye out for events similar to yours being hosted a few weeks or months in advance. Check them out and network with the attendees, let them know about your event.

25. Get news Coverage by Inviting Noted Journalists

To ensure effective on-ground coverage, invite journalists and offer free tickets and request them to write a review of the event, and share posts/stories on their own profiles as well.


26. Start Guest Blogging

Partner up with fellow event blogs and organizations, and do a guest blog post promoting your event on their platform. In exchange, you could offer tickets or brand visibility at the venue.

27. Ask Speakers’/Attendees’ to Share on Social Media

Encourage your line-up of speakers/performers to post personal stories about why this event is special to them, and encourage their followers to attend it. Send them custom cover photos that list out event details and the ticket link.

28. Twitter/Instagram Takeovers

Get in touch with upcoming local pages that are relevant to your target audience, and collaborate on a social media takeover of their profiles. This means that you’ll be posting engaging stories, posts and sharing videos about your upcoming event which is accessible to their followers. In return, you could offer them free passes, or brand visibility.

29. Standees/ Posters at Venue

If you’re hosting an on-ground event, then you can use the venue/hotel to place event standees/posters a few weeks prior to the event day. This will help you get noticed by anyone attending other events in the venue.

30. Partner With Local Businesses

Striking up a barter deal with local businesses is a powerful and cost-effective way to promote your event. Why not offer them a few free tickets, in exchange for promotion at their storefront/cash counter/social media pages?

So, there you have it! As you can see from this list, there are plenty of powerful, effective and highly visible places where you can promote your event for free. All you need is a little bit of prior planning, foresight and creativity!

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